Table setting with old and new


I am so into backing sourdough bread these days. This little lump of sourdough starter I am keeping alive, given by a friend, feeding it frequently. Is actually quite fun. And every time it kind of turns out different. But still so good. The best thing is that I do not add commercial yeast. The homemade sourdough starter is sufficient for the rising.

Expecting guests for lunch. Keeping it simple. Using old and new. And I do have something beautiful and new in the house! These porcelain plates, Lys from Wik Walsøe, have been on my wish list for years. Such a delicate design. Simply beautiful. Bone porcelain with golden dots. I am in love. The plates are super flat which gives them a shape different to other plates.

Fresh bread, cheese, jam and some dried figs are being served today.

Bon apetitt!


_DSC7562_DSC7514  _DSC7528   _DSC7543

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