Stair renovation -Before & after!


Do you have a old wornout wooden staircase in your home?

I had one from 1954. Varnished and covered with glue and red linoleum. That`s the way they used to do it. I guess it was practical…..

I waited a while renewing mine… because I just knew it would be a huge project! Two years ago I decided to get it done. And last week I gave the stairs a fresh coat of paint. So now the steps are smooth and bright white. And the stairs don`t squeek anymore either!

So what did I do?

1) Remove flooring.

2) Remove glue with lemon cleanse. Scrape off that glue. Be patient. Get it all off!

3) Wash with a suitable detergent. End with clean water and a clean lint free cloth. Let dry for a day.

4) Sand down till you have a smooth surface. First with a coarse type, then fine. Vacuum and clean with a damp lint free cloth.

5) Prime all surfaces. Old varnish can easily sneak it`s way through new paint if you don`t. Let dry thoroughly.

6) Paint with floorpaint. At least twice. Let dry between layers. I used Beckers primer and floorpaint for wooden surfaces.


Any questions, feel free to ask!


DSC_1464 IMG_4444DSC_2947

Wallpaper from Borge design Hanna Werning. Floorpaint from Beckers


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