Spices of India



Had the pleasure of making lunch for my landlord and his wife the other day! Yes, not with, but FOR! I often pass their home, right by where I am staying in Goa, and comment the amazing scent of spicy and aromatic food in the air coming from their kitchen. So the landlord & wife invited me to their home to learn how to make a really taste dish. How could I say no!

The secret spices; cinnamon, garlic, whole cardemom, whole cloves, ginger, turmeric, cummin and masala mix. All poured into a pan with hot oil. After letting those spices simmer for a few minutes, letting go all their aromas, we added chopped onion which we let fry till it became light brown. The we added chopped tomato, and let it simmer for a few minutes before we added lots of fresh coriander fresh from the fruit marked.

In the end we cooked ut cauliflower, stringbeans, carrots and beets in salted water, and added to the spicy mix.

A perfect vegetarian lunch with a great chefmaster.

Thanks Dennis & Garda!

From India with love.


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