Redesign kitchen -Before & after

DSC_5601An outdated kitchen can have alot of potencial. Like this one!
The kitchen doors were so dark and stuck in time. And there were way too may doors on the top row! It all gave the kitchen a lousy impression and the top row too alot of space! It was about time to do a facelift.

The doors were sent to a laquer company and the remains of the kitchen were painted in the chosen two different shades of grey. Both NCS. Top 1500 and bottom 2500.

A double closet on top was removed and replaced with two open shelves to give the room more air.

The rug is from one of the owners mother. A nostalgic element that inspired me. I chose a apricot color, found in the rug, and painted four chairs. The old wooden table in the kitchen was replaced with a smaller and more modern type, as a contrast to all the wood.

Reuse and redesign what you already have! And add a little new. That`s the best way to really make it personal! This is how it turned out!


DSC_5619 (1)  IMG_0119 DSC_5583 DSC_5590 DSC_5596 DSC_5599 IMG_0121

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