Retro porcelain favorites by the sea


I have a thing for old things. Especially if they remind me of the sea, flowers or of my childhood.

My grandfather was a whaler, from the nothern part of Norway. He always took us kids out fishing. So fishing, boats or anything to do with the sea reminds me of him. No wonder I bought this nostalgic mug! A mother, father and children out in their boat, all smiling. The perfect familiy. It tells a story, from Stavangerflint. Marked Norway 3092. I recently found it at a Fretex store. But I can find any more info on the web about it…..

The little turquoise milk jug has a superfunky pattern and a color as in the caribian sea. It doesn`t have a mark underneath. Have any of you seen it before? I bought it at a local fleamarked! Like the way the pattern is so different from the mug, but still the turquoise is in both!

Talking about the sea, spring is in the air and the temperature reached to 14 degrees celcius today! Above the fjord that is! 🙂

That totally deserves a sea tea and a dip in the fjord! 🙂


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