Photography exhibition- Rosendal nature

_DSC6256rosendal turisthotell, signe schineller, fotoknudsen.

1) Folgefonna, the stunning glacier.  Here from a kayakktrip to Møsavatnet a sunny summers day.

rosendal turisthotell, signe schineller, fotoknudsen.

Nature. My inspiration.

No matter where I go in Rosendal I am surrounded with magnificent scenery. A day doesn`t go by without me taking pictures with my Iphone or Nikon camera.

Recently I blew up my some of my favorite motives on matt aluminium to decorate white empty walls at a local hotell. I am so proud for this opportunity!

Rosendal Turisthotell, built in 1887, has just finished off a major renovation of their attic.  The earlier empty and raw attic is now 8 beautiful modern suites.

The interior in each room is simple but stylish. Each room has handknit pillows and blankets by Cosy Consept and lamps from Northern lighting.

I have added a motive or two in every room reminding the hotell visitors of the landscape right outside. And if they like the can buy the picture and take a little Rosendal with them back home! This photo project is a cooperation with FotoKnudsen.

Here are three of the rooms!

Welcome to Rosendal.

// Signe

rosendal turisthotell, signe schineller, fotoknudsen.

A frozen flower, an early morning, after camping up at Myrdalsvatnet.


2) On the way up to Hattebergfossen. The cloudy but bright sky made the green so green! And those branches are from the last storm. 



_DSC6262    _DSC6234

3) A rather common scene walking around on the countryside. 

IMG_3740 _DSC6238Here are the other motives, will take pictures of these hanging on the wall soon!DSC_7846 (1) image010 image011 IMG_0246 IMG_2549 IMG_3163 IMG_4004

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