New creative office

bilde 4-1

After many years working from home, me and porcelain designer

Ragnhild Wik (Wik & Walsøe), decided to share an office at 657 Oslo.

Superduper creative coworkers fill two floors.

Inspired by green, candy colors and light scandinavian wood, our office is in progress!

Heres is a little sneak peak!!

Can`t wait to show you more!

An office.

AT LAST!!! Signe

bilde 2bilde 5

 bilde 4

The walls are being painted in a grafic pattern. The color is Amadeus, from Beckers. 

It`s minty. So delicate. Delicious! Just love it!

bilde 2-1  bilde 1

This is the office before we got started….White and boring! ….Not for long! 

bilde 1-1

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