Furnishing a public environment


A while ago I had a project going on up in Nord-Trøndelag, in a town called Kolveried. A public environment in a small shopping mall needed a facelift and places to sit down.

The space was not in use. People just passed by. There were only a few chairs. No environment. No atmosphere.

Being located near the sea I chose a style reminiscent of childhood nostalgia and life by the sea. The pictures on the wall are taken by me showing old porcelain, handwoven  ragrugs, cross stitch pillows and seaside motives. All pictures are blown up on aluminum from Idekor.

The walls are covered with a wallpaper that looks like rustic grey plank, like on a boat house. Chose Elements 46515 from Borge.

Furniture and lamps are from Pedrali/ Mancini Contract. The sofas are dark blue, tables white and chairs in different bright colors. Inspired by a beautiful sunset. Flowers and pots from the neighbor flowershop Interflora.

While furnishing the area old and young people stopped and commented the interior. Everyone loved the look and nostalgia. And they appreciated the area been renovated.

And I hear it is well used.

That must mean it appeals to the malls customers!


Read the article below from the local newpaper…in Norwegian!

Bilde 2Before & After (after pictures by my cousin Geir Jægersen, thanx! )IMG_0583 IMG_0582

YT_2013-04-12_18 kopi   Bilde 1

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