Fleamarket fun on God morgen Norge

Skjermbilde 2015-04-09 kl. 11.20.13 AMSkjermbilde 2015-04-09 kl. 11.25.26 AMSpring is here. And so are the sesons fleamarkets.

Thursday morning I was on God morgen Norge on Tv2. Talking about what`s worth buying at a fleamarket?

Look for things with potencial value. Thing made of materials such as whole wood, marble, crystal, porcelain, ceramics, teak and leather. Check my list further down!

Look out for those nostalgic items that bring back childhood memories!

Or do a scoop and buy something old and broken, perhaps you can redesign it? If you get the item really cheep it`s worth the try! Take a upholstering course. Fix a chair! Redo the wireing and socket in a lamp! 🙂

If you didn`t get to see God morgen Norge, here are some pictures and some of my favorite thrifted items I brought along: One of my many teak bowls, golden vases from Hadeland, a West German ceramic green glazed vase, a enamelled plate from David Andersen and a mint green porcelain plate fron Figgjo.

Summery. Look for:

*Other Norwegian and Scandinavian porcelain, crystal and pottery brands.

*Wooden furniture that looks different, upholstered or handmade.

*Look for something you collect or have that is not produced anymore! You might be lucky.

*Enamled products

*Silver or retro cutlery


*Macrame, woven rugs.

*Old leather handbags


PS. Some fleamarkeds have a `drive -home` service!!! Ask!

Helle Tjaberg talked about this years outside furnitiure. Check her inspiring blog

Want so see the program? It`s availible here

Good luck treasure hunting!


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