DIY New chair, upholstery.



 Looking back.

Time. Projects.

I upholstered this chair a year back.

Have been wanting to learn how to do this for so long.

At last, but it takes time.

Every piece of furniture has it`s challenges.

This is my first chair, before and after.

My favorite chair!



IMG_0603 IMG_0617 IMG_0658

Fabric from Clark & Clark. “Leopold”, from ///

The wooden floor is from the “Saga” collection, from Rbi. ///

The wallpaper is made of natural materials, from Biri tapet. 

IMG_0665 IMG_0676 IMG_0762

2 thoughts on “DIY New chair, upholstery.

    • Så utrolig hyggelig å høre. Det man kan kan man så godt at man glemmer det litt, så setter stor pris på din melding! Skal ha den friskt i minne! klem Signe

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