Boligkrise episode 4 Stavern

Boligkrise episode 4, in Stavern.

The house we visited this time was furnished heavily and seriously detailed. A approach that did not apply to the buyers. Obviously. They had been trying to sell for a long time. And the whole house smelt smoke! Not good. AT ALL!

In the process of selling you home your have to make it inspiring, spacious and light. Appealing to the potencial group of buyers.

I had a serious job in front of me this time!

I took out all the furniture! I wanted a delicate maritim look. Using light blues, wooden items, natural bast, rope and white painted furniture and ALOT of paint I set the style.And added wallpaper in the hall and livingroom, a pattern which gave me a feeling of sailing! And Stavern is so close to the sea. Did keep the rocking chair that was inherited and some paintings.

The kitchen was renovated! I removed a few cupboard doors and delivered the others to a company that spray painted them. The walls were painted and new furniture added. And the huge counter-bar solution that divided the room was removed, they never used it anyway! Instead I put in a regular table, a perfect place to have breakfast!

I really love the way it turned out. And the owner, not liking blue at all, had too admit she liked it in the end after all!

Check out the before and after pictures below!

Plants from Plantasjen, Furniture from Jysk, Lamps from Ikea, Wallpaper from Borge. 

Greyish blue paint kitchen Flügger 4473 //Greyish blue paint livingroom Flügger 4474


After diningroomIMG_2562Before diningroomIMG_2443After livingroom and earlier barIMG_2541Before livingroom and earlier barIMG_2434After couch areaIMG_2539Before couch areaIMG_2419After, a familie workspaceIMG_2546Before, the bar roomIMG_2423 2After kitchenIMG_2547Before kitchenIMG_2429 2IMG_2518_2IMG_2521_2IMG_2524 2

Tropical wallpaper


Add a little tropical sunshine to your home. I added some in mine.

And I do love wallpaper!

Love the golden tones and shimmer in this one (not available anymore, bought through once upon a time).

But there are so many other possibilities! Pattern, color, details. Birds, bugs, animals, trees, bees, flowers, leaves….

You choose. ALOT or a little!

Here is some colorful inspiration! Click on the picture for more info! 🙂

It`s raining where I am, but wish you a tropical day, where ever you are!


17663_q1 17670_q16237662eff434f37ed956a7d1e4efdc8Yeshen Venema Photographyp-s-international-p-s-international-tropical-exotic-birds-trees-leaves-wallpaper-05550-40-p1182-1774_zoomTAPET_OSBORNE_-_LITTLE__0015_MatthewWilliamson-CubanaWallpapers-FlamingoClub-W6800-03-01.jpg 17710_q198430 zoomtropical-wallpapergreen_leaves house-of-hackney-pampas-tapet55953_1 74745_1 77724_1  Tapet nr 81482  Navn- Larkspur Green:Coral  Produsent- William Morris & Co83854807_ny__medium13859_155974_1grandeco-grandeco-ideco-exotic-bird-pattern-parrot-motif-tropical-leaves-wallpaper-a11504-p2890-6009_imageDAEG213063_zoom DAEG213022_zoom

Autumn bedroom makeover


Autumn is perfect for indoor projects, at least when the weather is at is beautiful worst. And it`s definately the season for curling up in warm cosy textiles, drink your favorite tea and read a good book!

The moment I found this floral wallpaper called Hummingbirds I knew if would fit perfect in my bedroom. It inspired me to redesign this room I wasn`t 100% satistified with.  The floral pattern and pastels match my house from the 50`ties.

I took the expression `Sweet dreams` litteraly! And I don`t mind a bit of summer all year round. But not too sweet. It doesn`t all have to be pastels, birds and flowers. It can become too much. Or not. You choose! That`s the great thing about making you personal style and combining the details YOU like; color, pattern and structure.

Since it is getting colder outside and to balance the sweet look, I added a few fabrics and colors that give a warm and cosy feeling, using grey linnen and wool! Mixing floral, organic an oriental details.

The wool blanket “Flette” designed by Kristine Five Melvær is from Røros Tweed. All colors are natural. Ane linnen & cotton bedsheets from Høie.

The classic Birdie lamp from Northern Lighting has been on my wishlist for a long time! Now it`s off my wishlist and on my freshly painted light green nightstand.

And….Can`t believe I put that wall paper up myself! Have to pat myself on the shoulder for that! 🙂


Skjermbilde 2015-10-24 kl. 10.34.53_DSC2735 100-14067_w1 _DSC2798 _DSC2810Photocredit: Photocard boutique colorscheme/ Princess/ Røros Tweed// Cole& Son// Høie

Thanks for inspiration for making this blogpost Parachute Home.




You`ve all seen this type of stool before! It`s a classic. A nostalgic oldie.

I found this one on the streets of Oslo.

It was rusty, stained and lifeless. Ready for the the garbage. I immediately saw it`s potencial and wanted a project to redesign.

I had left over wallpaper and paint! The pattern and color matched.

With simple equipment and some spare time I transformed it.

What you need:




-Wallpaper, use leftovers!


1) Screw the seat from the legs. Sand the legs, remove all of the rust. Spray paint, in thin layers, to avoid dripping!

2) Sand the seat. Paint twice.

3) Glue the wall paper on the second layer of wet paint, or wallpaper glue. Let dry.

4) Finish with a thin cover of laquer to protect the wallaper!




Wallpaper Palm Jungle from Borge// Paint color “Vårljus” Elegant, Beckers from Beckers.

DSC_5581 DSC_5582