Teak before and after : GLOW

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I have this piece of teak midcentury furniture. Love it, but it was in a bad condition.

Stains and scratches ruined it`s impression. I was uncertain if it could be renovated. But how could I know? Had never done it before! So I decided to try!

Thin layers of oil were rubbed on with a dry cloth. Excess oil was wiped off after 15 minutes. I let it dry for a day, and put another layer of oil on.

And I am amazed!! Totally!! Look at it now!!!

What a difference! GLOW!!!


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DIY New chair, upholstery.



 Looking back.

Time. Projects.

I upholstered this chair a year back.

Have been wanting to learn how to do this for so long.

At last, but it takes time.

Every piece of furniture has it`s challenges.

This is my first chair, before and after.

My favorite chair!



IMG_0603 IMG_0617 IMG_0658

Fabric from Clark & Clark. “Leopold”, from Borge.no ///

The wooden floor is from the “Saga” collection, from Rbi. ///

The wallpaper is made of natural materials, from Biri tapet. 

IMG_0665 IMG_0676 IMG_0762



Last weekend I attended a upholstery course.

I wanted to redo a chair, and learn how to do it!

Gunn Iren Sørgård owns Galleri Møbelstoff in Haugesund, and works

with upholstery on a daily basis!

A really great teacher! So patient!

Needed that with my enormous, old, worn-out chair!!

Oh lord what a project….

1 step:  Strip the chair. Keep the fabric pieces whole! They are to be copied!

2 step: Cover the chair with this white soft covering.

3 step: Cut the fabric, sew and staple it to the chair.

Sounds easy, huh?

Didn`t manage do finish it all up, but thought I could show you anyway!

The light blue leo fabric is leopold from Clark & Clarck- Borge.

Isn`t it lovely?


IMG_7741IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7762IMG_7781 IMG_7782


Carrying the chair out of my car, I just had to take a picture on my dock!

“Operasjon chair”


DSC_3613DSC_3604Slik så stolen ut, utenpå og inni, før forvandlingen….

Bitt av basillen.


Denne stolen trengte fornyelse. Og det fikk den!

For en stol. For en design!

Stoffet var slitt og polstringen var gått i oppløsning (!!)

Det nye stoffet valgt er Maximus, farge Mineral.

Deilige farger i lysblå, grå og  beige, vevd sammen til et slitesterkt tekstil.

Ha en finfin feiring!!!




Demontering av stolen og avkledning er første skritt.

Nok av stifter og spikre må ut….