Design hotell in Oslo

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What a contrast. Of a delightful matter. The day I arrived Norway, after a month of yoga and a seriously simple livestyle in India, I checked in at a hotell in the heart of Oslo. With Oslo Sentral station, Karl Johan, Østbanehallen and the Oslo Opera House as my next store neighbours I could not have felt more urban! A feeling I haven`t felt for a while! And I do live in a small town called Rosendal on the westcoast. I had one day to spend in Oslo before I flew back home to Rosendal. And I wanted to fill up my urban account!

I chose Comfort hotell Grand Central. And I do not regret. What a hotell. What an atmosphere. What a supercool interior! Room 312 a spacious double room with a hidden bed in the wall, gymnastic rings (!) hanging from the ceiling, double sinks, grafitti and supercool interior & details. It`s not their cheepest room, but it was an experience.

I slept like a princess in a tremendously comfortable bed. My madras in India was sooooo hard! The daylight flowing through the arched windows and sheer elegant curtains made an incredible atmosphere. I brought tea, free of charge in the lobby, to my room and sat in the wide window cills looking down at the busy city. And there was plenty of room for me to do yoga!

I recommend.

PS: Skip the elevator and take the stairs to experience the old fashioned staircase and lovely old doors.


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Spices of India



Had the pleasure of making lunch for my landlord and his wife the other day! Yes, not with, but FOR! I often pass their home, right by where I am staying in Goa, and comment the amazing scent of spicy and aromatic food in the air coming from their kitchen. So the landlord & wife invited me to their home to learn how to make a really taste dish. How could I say no!

The secret spices; cinnamon, garlic, whole cardemom, whole cloves, ginger, turmeric, cummin and masala mix. All poured into a pan with hot oil. After letting those spices simmer for a few minutes, letting go all their aromas, we added chopped onion which we let fry till it became light brown. The we added chopped tomato, and let it simmer for a few minutes before we added lots of fresh coriander fresh from the fruit marked.

In the end we cooked ut cauliflower, stringbeans, carrots and beets in salted water, and added to the spicy mix.

A perfect vegetarian lunch with a great chefmaster.

Thanks Dennis & Garda!

From India with love.


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Hello Goa!

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Hello Goa India! So nice to meet you.

Taking a break from work, snowy weather and Christmas preparations. Spending a month in Goa India to study Ashtanga Yoga, where I am attending a 200 TT ( teacher training) course. I want to become better in my own practice,  inspire and teach others! It`s intense, inspiring and so interesting. I`m here with 20 amazing people from so many parts of the world, all here for the same purpose: learn more about ashtanga yoga, alignment, breathing / pranayama, teaching, the meaning of yoga and how yoga becomes a lifestyle. Learning about ourselves and society are subjects too. We are being reminded of what we already have inside us. Because of society, conflict, stress etc. we often forget our true being, and get distraced! Well. We are in the middel of our Thief week. One and a hald week left! We do spend alot of time in out outdoor `shala`, training and studying, It`s amazing to have Patnem India right outside with all it`s culture, sounds, scents and nature. It`s an experience.

It`s a lot of training and studying of yoga history and philosophy too. We have to learn all the Ashtanga asanas (poses) in their sankrit and english names (picture below). Challenging! Will learn the Norwegian names later. But we have Sundays off and often go to the beach nearby and study….Can`t believe it`s snowing home in Norway! It`s round 31 degrees celsius here in the daytime, round 27 at night :-). It`s a dream!

Must admit Patnem Goa is one of the friendliest places I have every been! Never been here? GO!

Here are some pictures of our yoga shala at Abhinam yoga and Patnem beach, Goa.

From India with love.


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Beach & postcard picture by Britni Paige. Yoga shala pictures by Abhinam Yoga. 

My clothing from Run & Relax. (except my grey shorts). 

Summer vacation-Rondane Norway!

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IMG_8961 FullSizeRender-2 Norway. Such an amazing country.

It`s a privilege to live here. Having nature so close. So available.

I haven`t always been such a naturehippy! But I appreciate the outdoors more and more.

It reloads my batteries. It clears my mind. It keeps me heathy.

And it`s for free! Right there in front of you!

Last week me and three friends decided to visit Rondane. We decided to do a 5 day long  trip; hike and spend the nights in different DNT cabins. And climb up the mountain Rondeslottet.

It was a amazing trip!

Thanks Pål, Ernst Inge and Anders. And Tine the beagle! You rock!



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My mountaingear is from Haglofs. Love their slogan `Outstanding outdoor equipment`