Manshausen Island

imageimageimageThere are so many smart solutions made in the cabins. Like this kitchen eating area. A pull down table and a box with storage inside, on wheels of course.imageimageManshausen Island, what a beautiful tranquil place. Situated in the Steigen archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway. The Island´s position between mountains and the Barents Sea is in itself the inspiration for Polar Explorer Børge Ousland´s newest project. He has built an adventure and exploration resort, on this island historically a trading post for the fishing industry. His cabins have draw attention across the world. The estethic cabins are 34 square metres are one of a kind, by architect Snorre Stinessen. 4 cabins are built, 2 are in progress. The materials and solutions are impressing. Litterally hanging over the sea, with 3 walls made of massive glass, with handmade and specialized glass, Corian and wooden interior solutions for small spaces these cabins are inspiring, convienient and practical. I spent a night here and offered a evening yoga class! If you visit, book yourself a trip up in the mountains or at sea! For more info press Manshausen.imageimageimageimage image imageThe surroundings are quiet, wild and northern. The sun decided to hide the day I visited. Sitting in the cabin I was amazed seeing the storm outside. Wind, waves and rain hot the huge glass surfaces that cover three walls of the cabin. I felt peace inside the cabin where I sat in the beautiful Scandia chair by Fjord Fiesta covered in a warm wool blanket. imageimageimageimage image

606 The Arne Jakobsen Suite



This is amazing. This suite. I love the style. The colors. The atmosphere. I am a midcentury modern enthusiast.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, back then SAS Royal Hotel, opened in 1960. It was the first skyscraper in Copenhagen. And the world’s first design hotel.

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, designed the iconic hotel and everything in it: from the facade to the hotel bathrooms and from the cutlery used in the hotel restaurant to the now equally legendary furniture, such as the Egg, the Swan and the Drop chairs. The hotel has undergone several changes since, but room number 606, remains exactly as Jacobsen designed it in 1960. It´s amazing! So authentic!

This room is naturally not for rent for the night, but it is, of course very popular in fotoshoots… wonder!

For more info and pitcures check it out

I am present at 3 days of design getting to know danish design better, day 2 in front of me! Copenhagen I am ready! If you haven`t been to Copenhagen or this anual event, you should consider it! It`s growing every year!


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Design hotell in Oslo

_DSC4827 _DSC4829

What a contrast. Of a delightful matter. The day I arrived Norway, after a month of yoga and a seriously simple livestyle in India, I checked in at a hotell in the heart of Oslo. With Oslo Sentral station, Karl Johan, Østbanehallen and the Oslo Opera House as my next store neighbours I could not have felt more urban! A feeling I haven`t felt for a while! And I do live in a small town called Rosendal on the westcoast. I had one day to spend in Oslo before I flew back home to Rosendal. And I wanted to fill up my urban account!

I chose Comfort hotell Grand Central. And I do not regret. What a hotell. What an atmosphere. What a supercool interior! Room 312 a spacious double room with a hidden bed in the wall, gymnastic rings (!) hanging from the ceiling, double sinks, grafitti and supercool interior & details. It`s not their cheepest room, but it was an experience.

I slept like a princess in a tremendously comfortable bed. My madras in India was sooooo hard! The daylight flowing through the arched windows and sheer elegant curtains made an incredible atmosphere. I brought tea, free of charge in the lobby, to my room and sat in the wide window cills looking down at the busy city. And there was plenty of room for me to do yoga!

I recommend.

PS: Skip the elevator and take the stairs to experience the old fashioned staircase and lovely old doors.


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Spices of India



Had the pleasure of making lunch for my landlord and his wife the other day! Yes, not with, but FOR! I often pass their home, right by where I am staying in Goa, and comment the amazing scent of spicy and aromatic food in the air coming from their kitchen. So the landlord & wife invited me to their home to learn how to make a really taste dish. How could I say no!

The secret spices; cinnamon, garlic, whole cardemom, whole cloves, ginger, turmeric, cummin and masala mix. All poured into a pan with hot oil. After letting those spices simmer for a few minutes, letting go all their aromas, we added chopped onion which we let fry till it became light brown. The we added chopped tomato, and let it simmer for a few minutes before we added lots of fresh coriander fresh from the fruit marked.

In the end we cooked ut cauliflower, stringbeans, carrots and beets in salted water, and added to the spicy mix.

A perfect vegetarian lunch with a great chefmaster.

Thanks Dennis & Garda!

From India with love.


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