Furnishing my terracce: Part 1


The last days I have been furnishing my empty terracce, packing out and assembling furniture.

…..and moving the furnish around. If often takes time finding out where things should be placed, inside or outside.

I`ve been styling and taking pictures. Trying to make atmosphere.

The furniture I have chosen hardly needs any maintainence. It can stay outside all year. I am at the finish line. At last. Will show you the result in several blogpost, this and next week!

This area shown has a daybed made out of left over materials. Krattfiol pillows from JYSK The stone wall was made when I drained around the house.  Plants  are placed in a group to make volume and it takes less work watering.The HUGE storing box HOUSTRUP has room for ALL of my cushions and fabrics. A couple of pallets make a work space where other small plants are in a group. Beside, an extra place to sit.

At the end you can see a `before` picture!

Do read about the JYSK environmental policy here

And a closer look at the daybed here


DSC_6051  DSC_6033 DSC_6032

IMG_7597 Furniture sponsored by JYSK.