Outdoor atmosphere

DSC_7367 Enjoying every hour of sun as possible.

Hanging outdoors on my terracce. My space!

Mixing old and new fabrics and details. Combining bright colors as coral, blue and green. Love the playful contrasts!

And to make more atmosphere and acchieve more privacy I hung up this white sail over the dining area!

So simple. Such a huge effect!



DSC_7359Flipsflops-Havanians// Blue pillows- Jysk// Green pillows- Kid// Lantern- Holmegaard// Plants- Fredheim gartneri   DSC_7350

Furnishing my terracce: 3


Enjoying my new furnished terracce, warm weather and being outdoors.

My challenge was furnishing my 65 square meter terracce, providing different sitting groups. Without crowding up the area. My solution was pulling the furniture away from the walls and placing the sofagroup a little diagonal…Instead of having a big open space in the middle of the terracce. Betweeen the stone wall and diningtable two huge flowerpots give that garden atmosphere. They are placed by a homemade sidetable made out of left over plank, with smaller plants on top. The daybed in the backround is homemade too. Different hights make it more dynamic!

The dining table KJELLER is 150 x 87 cm. UGLEV chairs are lightweight with a aluminium frame. The seat is made in a comfortable and durable mesh. And they are stackable! Both from JYSK.
The lanterns with the decorative rope are called BRUDEAND

Mission terracce furnishing accomplished!! Check out the two earlier posts about this project further down on my blog!


DSC_5864 DSC_5909 DSC_5912



Furniture sponsored by JYSK

Practical melamine cups for outdoor use


Having a nice summer so far? Here in Rosendal nature is my next door neighbour. It´s all around, sometimes it feels unreal having all this amazing nature so close and available! I`m trying to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Up on a mountain. At sea. Or in the garden. This all round stationary in practical melamine is perfect inside or outside. For hot or cold drinks. Or just a bunch of wild flowers!

Aavailible in almost any color. Pantone universe series of course.

Now launched in porcelain too, if your prefer!

Here are my favorite colors. What`s your favorite?


DSC_6209 DSC_6213 10102-PANTONE-Universe-Cup-Classic_Charcoal-Gray-18-0601 10102-PANTONE-Universe-Cup-Classic_Petunia-19-3632 10102-PANTONE-Universe-Cup-Classic_Rasberry-Rose-18-2333Z>

Furnishing my terracce: 2

DSC_5926DSC_6020 DSC_6005

My empty terracce needed a spacious lounge group. I wanted onw that didn`t need maintainence, and a sofa long enough to lay down! I chose  FJELLERUP from JYSK, a set of 2 chairs, sofa and table.

It has a warm grey rustic  color and grey pillows. And can stay outside all year. It`s great not having to move furniture in and out out according the the weather, or having to store it somewhere else during the winter season. I`ll just cover it up when that time comes!

But first SUMMER!! At last. It came late this year. But the weather forcast looks great!

Read my earlier post about the pillows and plantpots!



DSC_5962 DSC_5981

Sponsered by JYSK