Home office

_dsc1703 I basically work from home. I am my own boss. It sounds great huh? But it`s tough work even though I have quite a lot of flexibility.

I have to find work myself. Find the jobs myself that pay my bills. And it requires quite a lot of structure…which I do not have ironically! 🙂

I am not complaining, but just wanted to emphasize that fact.

I have a new article in progress. A beautiful architect drawn cabin on a tiny island. Can`t wait to show you.

Anyway today, this is what my home office looks like today.

Me, my cat Julipus, my MAC, candlelight, tea, a cool article in progress and a beautiful view.

Wish you all a lovely weekend. It`s FRIDAY!




Out of the closet/ Ut av skapet NRK

DSC_1375 DSC_1420

I am proud to have furnished the program Ut av skapet showing these days on NRK1 Mondays 10:30 PM. The interior is a mix of old and new. Each bedroom had it`s own style and color.

5 brave people are revealing their secret that has been difficult for them to share with others. They moved in to a large flat in central Oslo for 3 weeks where the program takes place. We also follow each person going home telling their story; where they are from and who they really are. An important subject.

Find out more NRK1

Interior from Ygg & Lyng (spisebord, puffer), Montana (Pantone 1 stoler& sidebord), Fretex (nips), Fotoknudsen (fotolerret på vegg), Rosendahl (kjøkkenutstyr & pyntegjenstander), Brunstad (sofa), Magnor (glass), Hardanger bestikk, Ikea, Fuglen (vintage), Muchi (interiør og tekstil), Varier (lenestol Kokon), Northern lighting (lamper), iittala (lamper, småbord, vegghyller).

Thanks to my lovely & helpful assistants Kaja & Katrine (Tidsrom Interiørdesign).


DSC_1429 DSC_1430 DSC_1435 DSC_2157 IMG_9539

Boligkrise Larvik


On this evenings program of Boligkrise we made interior renovation in Larvik.

The smokey, dark outdated Dj livingroom did not reach potencial customers. The ceiling was really low. I needed to lighten up, remove the smell of cigarette, add some color and make it a av inspirational place to live!

With grafic lines, yellow, black& white, redesign, new furniture and a custom made lounge it really became a room full of sunshine!

Here are the before and after pictures!

Thank you Smail & Hege, you are too cool!

And by the way the house is sold and the couple have moved to France!





IMG_2762IMG_2894IMG_2722IMG_2880IMG_2745IMG_2856IMG_2791 IMG_2812


Boligkrise episode 4 Stavern

Boligkrise episode 4, in Stavern.

The house we visited this time was furnished heavily and seriously detailed. A approach that did not apply to the buyers. Obviously. They had been trying to sell for a long time. And the whole house smelt smoke! Not good. AT ALL!

In the process of selling you home your have to make it inspiring, spacious and light. Appealing to the potencial group of buyers.

I had a serious job in front of me this time!

I took out all the furniture! I wanted a delicate maritim look. Using light blues, wooden items, natural bast, rope and white painted furniture and ALOT of paint I set the style.And added wallpaper in the hall and livingroom, a pattern which gave me a feeling of sailing! And Stavern is so close to the sea. Did keep the rocking chair that was inherited and some paintings.

The kitchen was renovated! I removed a few cupboard doors and delivered the others to a company that spray painted them. The walls were painted and new furniture added. And the huge counter-bar solution that divided the room was removed, they never used it anyway! Instead I put in a regular table, a perfect place to have breakfast!

I really love the way it turned out. And the owner, not liking blue at all, had too admit she liked it in the end after all!

Check out the before and after pictures below!

Plants from Plantasjen, Furniture from Jysk, Lamps from Ikea, Wallpaper from Borge. 

Greyish blue paint kitchen Flügger 4473 //Greyish blue paint livingroom Flügger 4474


After diningroomIMG_2562Before diningroomIMG_2443After livingroom and earlier barIMG_2541Before livingroom and earlier barIMG_2434After couch areaIMG_2539Before couch areaIMG_2419After, a familie workspaceIMG_2546Before, the bar roomIMG_2423 2After kitchenIMG_2547Before kitchenIMG_2429 2IMG_2518_2IMG_2521_2IMG_2524 2