Thrifted & treasured// Windowsill vignette


Texture. An element that makes personality. I am into natural & rustic materials. Constantly finding new treasures to add to my collection.

This bamboo coaster used to be in my fathers cabin upstate New York. I can remember it from a really young age. The beautiful butterfly.

A coaster. But I have never placed a cup on it. I didn`t want to hide those pearl colored wings. I still don`t!

The brown vase was bought the other day in a cafeshop in Rosendal Lille Tordivel. A small but charming cafe full of retro and nostalgia. Almost everything is for sale. The interior gives you the feeling of visiting your grandma. They have drinks & food there too. Not to mention their milkshakes!

The ceramic candleholder is from Fretex.

Favorites. All of them. Put together in my windowsill. A rustic vignette.

Keep it simple.


DSC_7480     DSC_7462

Happy womans day!


O happy day! Congratulations to every singel lady out there!

So proud to know so many strong, real and impressing women.

Love each and every one of you!

And love all my followers too! Guys & gals!

Thanks for popping by my blog!


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The lovely glass vase, Old English, is designed by Claus Dalby for Holmegaard.