Bedroom makeover


I missed a feeling of lightness in my bedroom. When I renovated my house in 2012 it went fast. I ´m satisfied with most of the interior solutions, but there was one room that was just too dark. The walls were painted in a shade of greyish-purple and had a über-sweet wallpaper with purple birds. Just never got around to loving it. If you know what I mean.

So I decided to do a weekend makeover.

I painted, switched the fabrics and put wallpaper on one wall (will show you that later).

The curtains, beige pillow, bedspread and wooden box were originally in the room.

The white pillow with embroidery is inherited. The satin bedlinnen is Nadja from Høie, egyptian cotton with a little ethnic warm gray pattern. It`s fits the bedspread. Wall color Prästkrage 544 Beckers.

The frame on the wall is from my american aunt Joan. It`s so old. I`ve had it for ages! I added a new pitcure of a lonesome wolf. Taken by Christian Houge.

I like the new light look. And I do not regret. At all!

Mission accomplished!


DSC_5447 DSC_5452Rhododenron- from the garden// Alarm clock- Arne Jacobsen/ Rosendal// Favorite handcream- Handrelief from Aveda// White porcelain vase- Kähler// Lamp- Home & Cottage// Round stones from the beach in Nice DSC_5475 DSC_4187

Shades of bedroom grey

DSC_3635   DSC_3646 New bedlinnen. Love that feeling. Washed and hung outside to try. That natural scent.

Chose a shade of grey, similar to my walls. Like those grey tones blending in.

It`s name is Ane, from the norwegian brand Høie. Halv linnen, half cotton. Stonewashed to make it ekstra soft and with sweet grey buttons.

As a bedspread I use an old wool blanket. It`s so nostalgic, from my grandparents.

Looking out for some bed linnen yourself? Be inspired here

Let me know if you find something you like!


DSC_3633  DSC_3636 DSC_3658

Marble lamp & `Plus` vase-thrifted// Clock -Arne Jacobsen/ Rosendahl/ Candleholder -Wik& Walsøe/ 50×50 pillows -Princess/ Lampshade- Lampmagasinet/ Walls-Beckers NCS 2500/

Shades of bedroom grey



Atmosphere and new walls.

Just like that. The answer this time is wallpaper and paint.

A while ago I painted two white walls in my bedroom with the color NCS 2500, a supermatt paint. But still there was something missing! The other walls were suddenly seriously white. Searching around for the perfect wallpaper, with the perfect color and mood, I found Florintine 449242. A dark grey vinyl wallpaper with a pattern that seems to be an aquarell.

Did you know; Vinyl is a smart choice; it`s stronger than wallpaper made of paper! It´s perfect for the kids room, kitchen, hall or the wall behind your sofa. It`s more robust and easy to dry of!

It`s delicately dramatic and deliciously dark. I absolutely love it.

As a soft contrast, I placed an old handmade wooden drawer in from of my new wall.

A treasure I found on the internett for free.

Interior doesn`t have to cost a fortune! Remember that!

PS: More pictures to come!

Have a lovely wekkend!


DSC_1901Walls Beckers GT5 color 2500 // Wallpaper Florentine 449242 from Borge// Vase from Holmegaard designed by Claus Dalby// Tulips from Mester Grønn



Bedroom headboard DIY


Recieved alot of questions on how to make the cushioned headboard in episode 2 of Boligkrise on TvNorge. Further down you have this “how to do”!

IMG_2274 IMG_2275


In norwegian 🙂

Sengegavel fra Boligkrise i episode 2 i Kløfta:


Mdfplate etter sengens mål.Høyde velger du selv.

Madrass 5 cm tykkelse -Barnemadrass fra Ikea

Vatt -Stoff og stil

Tekstil/ Møbelstoff -Princess

Knapper – Hobbybutikk

Lang nål og tråd, Lim, Stiftepistol, Drill og borr

  1. Borr hull i mdf platen. Der knappene skal skape en polstret effekt. Vær nøyaktig!
  2. Lim madrassen, skåret på mål, på platen.
  3. Trekk vatten over mdf platen og madrassen. Fest på baksiden med stiftepistol.
  4. Trekk over med stoff. Fest på baksiden av mdf platen med stiftepistol.
  5. Tre nål og tråd fra platens bakside til forsiden gjennom madrassen. Fest knappen i tråden og trekk gjennom på baksiden. Knyt en knute, av de to trådene. Stift trådene til mdfplasten.

Check out this other supersimple headboard made in less than a hour!!

Let`s me now how it went if you made your own!

Good luck!