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I am proud to have furnished the program Ut av skapet showing these days on NRK1 Mondays 10:30 PM. The interior is a mix of old and new. Each bedroom had it`s own style and color.

5 brave people are revealing their secret that has been difficult for them to share with others. They moved in to a large flat in central Oslo for 3 weeks where the program takes place. We also follow each person going home telling their story; where they are from and who they really are. An important subject.

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Interior from Ygg & Lyng (spisebord, puffer), Montana (Pantone 1 stoler& sidebord), Fretex (nips), Fotoknudsen (fotolerret på vegg), Rosendahl (kjøkkenutstyr & pyntegjenstander), Brunstad (sofa), Magnor (glass), Hardanger bestikk, Ikea, Fuglen (vintage), Muchi (interiør og tekstil), Varier (lenestol Kokon), Northern lighting (lamper), iittala (lamper, småbord, vegghyller).

Thanks to my lovely & helpful assistants Kaja & Katrine (Tidsrom Interiørdesign).


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606 The Arne Jakobsen Suite



This is amazing. This suite. I love the style. The colors. The atmosphere. I am a midcentury modern enthusiast.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, back then SAS Royal Hotel, opened in 1960. It was the first skyscraper in Copenhagen. And the world’s first design hotel.

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, designed the iconic hotel and everything in it: from the facade to the hotel bathrooms and from the cutlery used in the hotel restaurant to the now equally legendary furniture, such as the Egg, the Swan and the Drop chairs. The hotel has undergone several changes since, but room number 606, remains exactly as Jacobsen designed it in 1960. It´s amazing! So authentic!

This room is naturally not for rent for the night, but it is, of course very popular in fotoshoots…..no wonder!

For more info and pitcures check it out

I am present at 3 days of design getting to know danish design better, day 2 in front of me! Copenhagen I am ready! If you haven`t been to Copenhagen or this anual event, you should consider it! It`s growing every year!


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West Germany pottery


I am impressed over the diversity of West German pottery. We have all seen it!

But it is not just one particular style, it is a range of styles; colors, form and concepts. Inspiring colors and glazes.

We often see them in interior articles and in our grandparents homes.

I often wind up buying objects that are colorful, have a grafic patterns or glazed. It just catches my eye.

This green one is one og my favorites. I`ve had it for ages.

Are you interested in WG pottery? Check out this West German pottery. And beneath you can see some colorful variations, press the picture for the source.

Will show you some of my other pieces another day!




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Påske giveaway- Vinner


Tusen takk til alle som deltok i påske giveaway. Det må bli en vinner og denne gangen ble det Åpent Hus. Vinnerlappen ble trukket fra en nydelig emaljert Cathrineholm bolle selvsagt! Gratulerer så mye. Ny giveaway kommer om ikke altfor lenge.

Til dere andre, trøst dere med at skålen er i salg i flere størrelser og farger! 🙂