Autumn bedroom makeover


Autumn is perfect for indoor projects, at least when the weather is at is beautiful worst. And it`s definately the season for curling up in warm cosy textiles, drink your favorite tea and read a good book!

The moment I found this floral wallpaper called Hummingbirds I knew if would fit perfect in my bedroom. It inspired me to redesign this room I wasn`t 100% satistified with.  The floral pattern and pastels match my house from the 50`ties.

I took the expression `Sweet dreams` litteraly! And I don`t mind a bit of summer all year round. But not too sweet. It doesn`t all have to be pastels, birds and flowers. It can become too much. Or not. You choose! That`s the great thing about making you personal style and combining the details YOU like; color, pattern and structure.

Since it is getting colder outside and to balance the sweet look, I added a few fabrics and colors that give a warm and cosy feeling, using grey linnen and wool! Mixing floral, organic an oriental details.

The wool blanket “Flette” designed by Kristine Five Melvær is from Røros Tweed. All colors are natural. Ane linnen & cotton bedsheets from Høie.

The classic Birdie lamp from Northern Lighting has been on my wishlist for a long time! Now it`s off my wishlist and on my freshly painted light green nightstand.

And….Can`t believe I put that wall paper up myself! Have to pat myself on the shoulder for that! 🙂


Skjermbilde 2015-10-24 kl. 10.34.53_DSC2735 100-14067_w1 _DSC2798 _DSC2810Photocredit: Photocard boutique colorscheme/ Princess/ Røros Tweed// Cole& Son// Høie

Thanks for inspiration for making this blogpost Parachute Home.

Bedroom makeover


I missed a feeling of lightness in my bedroom. When I renovated my house in 2012 it went fast. I ´m satisfied with most of the interior solutions, but there was one room that was just too dark. The walls were painted in a shade of greyish-purple and had a über-sweet wallpaper with purple birds. Just never got around to loving it. If you know what I mean.

So I decided to do a weekend makeover.

I painted, switched the fabrics and put wallpaper on one wall (will show you that later).

The curtains, beige pillow, bedspread and wooden box were originally in the room.

The white pillow with embroidery is inherited. The satin bedlinnen is Nadja from Høie, egyptian cotton with a little ethnic warm gray pattern. It`s fits the bedspread. Wall color Prästkrage 544 Beckers.

The frame on the wall is from my american aunt Joan. It`s so old. I`ve had it for ages! I added a new pitcure of a lonesome wolf. Taken by Christian Houge.

I like the new light look. And I do not regret. At all!

Mission accomplished!


DSC_5447 DSC_5452Rhododenron- from the garden// Alarm clock- Arne Jacobsen/ Rosendal// Favorite handcream- Handrelief from Aveda// White porcelain vase- Kähler// Lamp- Home & Cottage// Round stones from the beach in Nice DSC_5475 DSC_4187

Stair renovation -Before & after!


Do you have a old wornout wooden staircase in your home?

I had one from 1954. Varnished and covered with glue and red linoleum. That`s the way they used to do it. I guess it was practical…..

I waited a while renewing mine… because I just knew it would be a huge project! Two years ago I decided to get it done. And last week I gave the stairs a fresh coat of paint. So now the steps are smooth and bright white. And the stairs don`t squeek anymore either!

So what did I do?

1) Remove flooring.

2) Remove glue with lemon cleanse. Scrape off that glue. Be patient. Get it all off!

3) Wash with a suitable detergent. End with clean water and a clean lint free cloth. Let dry for a day.

4) Sand down till you have a smooth surface. First with a coarse type, then fine. Vacuum and clean with a damp lint free cloth.

5) Prime all surfaces. Old varnish can easily sneak it`s way through new paint if you don`t. Let dry thoroughly.

6) Paint with floorpaint. At least twice. Let dry between layers. I used Beckers primer and floorpaint for wooden surfaces.


Any questions, feel free to ask!


DSC_1464 IMG_4444DSC_2947

Wallpaper from Borge design Hanna Werning. Floorpaint from Beckers