Bathroom renovation

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In this series of “my house renovation” I am showing a new room every Monday.

It`s the main bathrooms turn.

When I bought the house the bathroom on the 2nd floor was from 1955. The small room that measured D80 x W180cm m and had no WC…that was on the 1st floor. It was outdated and unpractical. No heat cables in the floor, and the shower was under a diagonal ceiling. There was mold on the walls. It was screaming for renovation!

I needed a bigger bathroom and wanted daylight in the room.

The solution became taking part of the guest room behind the bathroom. A double row of frosted glass blocks in the shower gave enough daylight. Today the bathroom measures D240 x W180 + 60 cm.

Instead of the bedroom having room for a giant bed, I planned room for a custom made wall to wall  mattress, 120 cm wide. Will show you this guest room next week!

Also to make more space, I dug into one of the diagonal walls, low of hight, but perfect for a drawer & storage. Adding a D60 x W100 cm space.

The bathroom has a natural approach, details, colors and textures inspired by the beautiful surroundings in Rosendal: the Hardangerfjord, mountains and color of the Folgefonna glacier.

The planning took time. How much space did I need? How much could I use of the guestroom? Renovating an old house; what would I find when I started tearing down the old walls and floor? What type of shower? Faucet? Tiles? So many choices. So many possibilities!

All tiles are from Modena fliser// Shower walls and mirrors are all custom made by Ove Hillesland Glass// Porcelain sink and faucett from Korsbakken.// The old cabinet is original! Love those diamond-ish knobs!

Several walls are covered with tiles, some painted. The room has 4 different tiles! They all work together. Love it!


Top picture by Filippa Tredal. 


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Kitchen renovation. Before- after.


 When I found this house in 2011 it was outdated and screaming for a makeover. But still I immediately fell love with the old kitchen. Handmade in Rosendal in 1954. So nostalgic. And such a beautiful color!

When I bought the house I did not have anything to do with the town Rosendal at all. I had been here twice during 2011 working. I was amazed with the surroundings, the fjord and mountains. And the constantly changing light shining through the cloudy western sky reflecting in the fjord. It made me calm. I had difficulties finding this calm in Oslo where I was living for the past 20 years. And I wanted change and longed living closer to the countryside and sea. As a freelancer I felt I could live and work here, and travel when needed. So I sold my flat I was living in at the time and became a house owner and owner of 30 metres shoreline in the Hardangerfjord! What a dream! 🙂

I thought I`d show you some pictures from the renovation prosess! There was so much to do, nothing was done since the 70ties, you can imagine! Several of them budget-smart! I will post several rooms on Mondays, next room will be the bathroom! Please stay tuned!

This is the kitchen, you can tell something has been done 🙂 I`ve tried to reuse what I can, but the kitchen needed a more modern and practical solution.

I just had to keep the old kitchen and integrated cutting board. The respatex kitchen countertop is kept too, but a new is built on top of it, giving room for storage!

The floor is linoleum from Storeys, the paint is from Beckers, the new kitchen from Marbodal, lamp from Northern lighting, tiles from Modena.

The lounge area is kitchen closets with practical drawers. The seating and cushioned backrest is made of leftover plank, and old mattress and fabric from Clark & clark / Borge.

Otherwise the porcelain plates are from my mom, grandmother Signe and Fretex. The panorama picture is by the Norwegian photographer Christian Houge.

The table has always been in the kitchen, made once upon a time by the man who built the house. The chairs used to be brown, but have been given a grey coating, the same colour as the floor! The pillows are the old curtains from one of the bedrooms! I do love reusing & redesign!

Let me know what you think! Perhaps you have had a similar project?

Pictures by Filippa Tredal.



11 dsc_0645_dsc0084 I really love the kitchen view. Coffee here is a great place to start the day. _dsc0094

Interior renovation & Air bnb

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Overnatting Rosendal, Airbnb Rosendal, Signe Schineller.


I have been living in my 50ties house in Rosendal since 2012. Each room has gone through renovation. It´s modern with lots of original details kept.

I live here with my cat Julipus and rent out three bedrooms & the whole house on Airbnb.

Have shown some of the house renovation on my blog earlier. But I thought I`d show you some more. This is the second floor. A room that leads to bedrooms and bathroom.

It used to be worn out with dark walls, red outdated linoleum covered the floor with wooden laquered plank under, that had turned brown through the years. Not exactly dream interior…. I had a desire to keep some of the old details under the renovation.

The wooden medicine closet has been here since 1954. The previous owners of the house built it once upon a time. I had to keep that!

The charming retro closets and the diagonal ceiling were kept too. They both remind me of my grandparents home! So 50`ties.

The walls were painted in a light minty color that reflects the light. Color “Vårljus” from Beckers. The floor is covered with wall to wall carpet tiles that make it cosy and reduce sound in the rooms underneath. The tiles are 40 cm squares taped together. If one is damaged, it is easily replaced. The lime strings under the ceiling are the strings of the Pantone One chair (earlier Tivoli chair), a gift from Montana. Perfect for hanging up clothes to dry! And the color a cool contrast to the light green walls.

The room is furnished with old and new of course!

Check out the house and bedrooms for rent on my airbnb profile. 

The local newspaper Kvinnheringen wrote an article about it too! 


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Overnatting Rosendal, airbnb Rosendal, Signe Schineller, Trolltunga overnatting, Trolltunga room for rent, Rosendal room for rent, BNB Rosendal, visit norway, interior styling, interiør styling, interiør, interior,

Overnatting Rosendal, Airbnb Rosendal, Signe Schineller

_DSC7313 Here is a picture from the hall on the first floor. You kind of get the picture of what the rooms looked like before I started renovating! Sorry do not hav an origianl picture of the second floor. Nothing was done in the house since the 60`ties. 

Bilde 1 (1)

Autumn bedroom makeover


Autumn is perfect for indoor projects, at least when the weather is at is beautiful worst. And it`s definately the season for curling up in warm cosy textiles, drink your favorite tea and read a good book!

The moment I found this floral wallpaper called Hummingbirds I knew if would fit perfect in my bedroom. It inspired me to redesign this room I wasn`t 100% satistified with.  The floral pattern and pastels match my house from the 50`ties.

I took the expression `Sweet dreams` litteraly! And I don`t mind a bit of summer all year round. But not too sweet. It doesn`t all have to be pastels, birds and flowers. It can become too much. Or not. You choose! That`s the great thing about making you personal style and combining the details YOU like; color, pattern and structure.

Since it is getting colder outside and to balance the sweet look, I added a few fabrics and colors that give a warm and cosy feeling, using grey linnen and wool! Mixing floral, organic an oriental details.

The wool blanket “Flette” designed by Kristine Five Melvær is from Røros Tweed. All colors are natural. Ane linnen & cotton bedsheets from Høie.

The classic Birdie lamp from Northern Lighting has been on my wishlist for a long time! Now it`s off my wishlist and on my freshly painted light green nightstand.

And….Can`t believe I put that wall paper up myself! Have to pat myself on the shoulder for that! 🙂


Skjermbilde 2015-10-24 kl. 10.34.53_DSC2735 100-14067_w1 _DSC2798 _DSC2810Photocredit: Photocard boutique colorscheme/ Princess/ Røros Tweed// Cole& Son// Høie

Thanks for inspiration for making this blogpost Parachute Home.