Retro porcelain favorites by the sea


I have a thing for old things. Especially if they remind me of the sea, flowers or of my childhood.

My grandfather was a whaler, from the nothern part of Norway. He always took us kids out fishing. So fishing, boats or anything to do with the sea reminds me of him. No wonder I bought this nostalgic mug! A mother, father and children out in their boat, all smiling. The perfect familiy. It tells a story, from Stavangerflint. Marked Norway 3092. I recently found it at a Fretex store. But I can find any more info on the web about it…..

The little turquoise milk jug has a superfunky pattern and a color as in the caribian sea. It doesn`t have a mark underneath. Have any of you seen it before? I bought it at a local fleamarked! Like the way the pattern is so different from the mug, but still the turquoise is in both!

Talking about the sea, spring is in the air and the temperature reached to 14 degrees celcius today! Above the fjord that is! 🙂

That totally deserves a sea tea and a dip in the fjord! 🙂


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Winter palm


I love this palm I bought last summer. Beautiful in the sun. Even more beautiful out in the snow.

I found it hard to believe it tolerates the cold so well, but it is a impressing little robust palmtree.

Etna terraccepalm (Chamaerops humilis var. Etna) is its name, originally from Sicilia.

And I must mention it has survived two hurricanes in the west, Rosendal where I live!

Now, that is a good buy!

// Signe


The big flowerpot is from Jysk. 

Make a welcoming entrance, on a low budget!


I love visiting people that have done a little extra with their entrance outside! The feeling of being welcome. Someone who has done the effort of making it cosy not only indoor, but outdoor too. I really appreciate that!

In belief that others share my opinion I have made my own decorative welcome comitee.

I`ve used what I already had, added natural elements and seasonal greens found in the woods.

Keep a low budget, it doesn`t have to cost much!

Here are a few tips:

-Tree trunks are perfect to use to get things higher up and the add a natural rustic look. The do not get worn out with time, just get prettier!

-Evergreen plants are a good investment. My favorite is this olivetree that is outdoor all year! Tujas come in all kinds of sizes. These small round ones are so decorative.

-I collect branches/ driftwood/ roots found on the shore. They are smooth and have an amazing grey color. Each their own patina. Driftwood contains alot of salt, which preserves them.

-Glass/ vases with tall edges like the `norgesglass` are perfect for candlelight. They protect the flame from the wind. Be sure they tolerate frost!

-There are lots of figurines made out of plaster, concrete etc…that can make an extra detail. Like this squirrel! It belonged to the people that sold me my house! I am so glad I kept it. 🙂

-Pick pine branches and lay straight on the porch, got to love that green!

Otherwise; lights chains make a lovely twinkle or glow. Unique flowerpots, made for outdoor use, can add a little extra. Choose evergreen plants in different hights.

The snow came over night, what a surprise! A perfect setting for this outdoor entrance decoration.

Signe & Julipus (cat)


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Outdoor photostyling 1 -The perfect blur!

_DSC3344 Outdoor photostyling. Autumn colors. Lightness. Darkness.

I brought a cheerful bunch of people outside today in the Baroni garden in Rosendal. Mission of the day: Use the manual button, NOT the auto! Making that perfect BLUR! Learning these important S and A settings give you so many opportunities!

The Baroni in Rosendal gives the perfect environment to take pictures with atmomsphere. Learning to use the camera means you have to actually use the camera!! Theory in practice. If you know how to set the shutter speed (S) and aperture (A) , ..and ISO, you know alot already and can really take some nice pictures. You just have to dare switch to M (manual) instead of the auto button!

But you need a motive, and why not bring something from home to focus on. Like this dark green retro mug….one of my favorites! A low number “f” (A-apperture) gives you a really blurry backround letting you focus on that one object. But you need a objective that lets you go that low! I have a 50 mm lens. Here I`ve used f/ 1,8 . Go as low as you can with the objective you have. Move the object in front of the camera back and forth til you get the right focus and blur! The S shutter decides how much light you want! Do you want the motive as it is with its natural light or perhaps you want is darker or lighter. The more time it takes for the shutter to close the more light you let in. These pictures have a shutter at 1/500. (one five hundred of a second). Quite quick. These two are on a team. It he f is a larger number, the shuttertime need to be longer! ( lower number). The A & S basically make the Manual settings. I usually have my ISO on 400. Unless its dark and I need more light. Then I might go a little higher. But be aware the higher ISO the more noise in the image.

Start by taking a photo of the mug on a flat surface. This way you can test the light and the object. See if you miss anything. Which section do you want covered. Where is the light coming from? What details do you want sharp? Which details do you want to be blurry? In this case the cup itself was boring alone, but was the main object. I wanted a real autumn feeling. So I added a bunch eaves. And let less of the treetrunk show in the backround, it was just too massiv and dark. (This is the picture of the cup alone.) Look at the before and after picture under.

Adding people to a picture gives it more personality and atmosphere. More history! So I added my hand and arm. But the details count! That day I had on my olive green coat and a rusty colored woll sweater. Perfect matching fabrics with those rusty, green and yellow colors.. In this particular picture I decided to add a bit more of the truck, since my arm is covering alot of it. It adds contrast and depth.

Lens: AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G

Settings: ISO 400  50 mm ƒ/1.8 1/500

It`s all about the details! Here are some photoes from the photostyling workshop I had today. Will show you more during the week!

Read more about it at Fotovideo


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_DSC3750 _DSC3768