Kitchen renovation. Before- after.


 When I found this house in 2011 it was outdated and screaming for a makeover. But still I immediately fell love with the old kitchen. Handmade in Rosendal in 1954. So nostalgic. And such a beautiful color!

When I bought the house I did not have anything to do with the town Rosendal at all. I had been here twice during 2011 working. I was amazed with the surroundings, the fjord and mountains. And the constantly changing light shining through the cloudy western sky reflecting in the fjord. It made me calm. I had difficulties finding this calm in Oslo where I was living for the past 20 years. And I wanted change and longed living closer to the countryside and sea. As a freelancer I felt I could live and work here, and travel when needed. So I sold my flat I was living in at the time and became a house owner and owner of 30 metres shoreline in the Hardangerfjord! What a dream! 🙂

I thought I`d show you some pictures from the renovation prosess! There was so much to do, nothing was done since the 70ties, you can imagine! Several of them budget-smart! I will post several rooms on Mondays, next room will be the bathroom! Please stay tuned!

This is the kitchen, you can tell something has been done 🙂 I`ve tried to reuse what I can, but the kitchen needed a more modern and practical solution.

I just had to keep the old kitchen and integrated cutting board. The respatex kitchen countertop is kept too, but a new is built on top of it, giving room for storage!

The floor is linoleum from Storeys, the paint is from Beckers, the new kitchen from Marbodal, lamp from Northern lighting, tiles from Modena.

The lounge area is kitchen closets with practical drawers. The seating and cushioned backrest is made of leftover plank, and old mattress and fabric from Clark & clark / Borge.

Otherwise the porcelain plates are from my mom, grandmother Signe and Fretex. The panorama picture is by the Norwegian photographer Christian Houge.

The table has always been in the kitchen, made once upon a time by the man who built the house. The chairs used to be brown, but have been given a grey coating, the same colour as the floor! The pillows are the old curtains from one of the bedrooms! I do love reusing & redesign!

Let me know what you think! Perhaps you have had a similar project?

Pictures by Filippa Tredal.



11 dsc_0645_dsc0084 I really love the kitchen view. Coffee here is a great place to start the day. _dsc0094

Retro porcelain favorites by the sea


I have a thing for old things. Especially if they remind me of the sea, flowers or of my childhood.

My grandfather was a whaler, from the nothern part of Norway. He always took us kids out fishing. So fishing, boats or anything to do with the sea reminds me of him. No wonder I bought this nostalgic mug! A mother, father and children out in their boat, all smiling. The perfect familiy. It tells a story, from Stavangerflint. Marked Norway 3092. I recently found it at a Fretex store. But I can find any more info on the web about it…..

The little turquoise milk jug has a superfunky pattern and a color as in the caribian sea. It doesn`t have a mark underneath. Have any of you seen it before? I bought it at a local fleamarked! Like the way the pattern is so different from the mug, but still the turquoise is in both!

Talking about the sea, spring is in the air and the temperature reached to 14 degrees celcius today! Above the fjord that is! 🙂

That totally deserves a sea tea and a dip in the fjord! 🙂


_DSC7964 _DSC7966 _DSC7968  _DSC7972 _DSC7977   FullSizeRender

Cathrineholm påske giveaway


God påske!

Bli med på påske giveaway! Vinn 2 skåler i ulike størrelser i ønsket farge. (se farger lengst ned)

Kjenner du til historien bak disse lekre emaljerte Cathrineholm skålene? Du har iallefall sett de før!

I 1954 kontaktet Cathrineholm Grete Prytz Kittelsen vedrørende et ønsket samarbeid, som i 1957 fikk sitt internasjonale gjennombrudd. Flere av produktene fra Cathrineholm vant gullprisen ved den internasjonale kunst og arkitekturutstilling, «Triennalen», i Milano. Cathrineholm var en stor bidragsyter til å definere det skandinaviske uttrykket på 60-tallet.

Idag er skålene relansert, Bo Bedre as er agent.

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Trekning 4 april! 1 premie er 2 skåler. 2 premie er 1 skål. Lykke til!

God påske!


_DSC7827  _DSC7838 _DSC7843 Cathrineholm_Grøn_18 cm Cathrineholm_Miljø_All_MultiCathrine

Color and texture combination

Wik & Walsøe, Fretex

I often move things around. Mixing and matching new colors, textures and patterns.

These seagreen ceramic items have been around for years. But never used them in my interior. It`s about time. The flower pot has a beautiful runny glaze and the vase has a retro pattern. Both of them with different shades og seagreen.

They fit so well with these brown tones. The retro mirror from Mom. The macrame net from a fleamarked. Ceramics from Fretex. Brown porcelain vase from Wik & Walsøe.

The carpenter bench has been in my house forever. I actually have two. Lucky me!

And what would an interior be without plants. Green plants. I love them.

Have a lovely day!

// Signe