Darker livingroom walls. Purple details.

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After living in my house in Rosendal since 2012, the walls were in need of a new stroke of paint. They walls were light grey with a hint a yellow. I decided to go for a darker shade. I wanted a bit more atmosphere.

Tried two different colors. First I painted an small area with NCS S 3000. A pure grey. But the color seemed to go towards blue/ purple. So I had to add some yellow to it.

I chose NCS 3002-Y. I prefer Beckers Elegant Matt.

The darker shade did change the room. It became darker of course, but not too dark. I do have alot of windows, which helps! The colors change during the day making the atmosphere change too!

Suddenly white walls see so steril!

To finish the livingroom I added a little more purple! A perfect contrast. And I do love color. The purple chair is a new edition of the chair, earlier known as the Tivoli chair. This purple delight is now called Panton One. Color montparnasse. From the danish company Montana. Perfect with the Mhy Muuto lamp.

The picture…I painted it myself.

The funky stone was found on a island in the fjord of Oslo last weekend!



True blue


Happy birthday beautiful!

 Dokka lamp has its 60th anniversary this year.

Designed in 1954 by Birger Dahl,  the lamp has become a true classic.

Now a true blue classic.

Because Northern Lighting is launching this beautiful lamp in 4 new colors.

In stores january 2015.

Now there are six members in the elegant family.

Each color celebrating every decade of this beauty.

My favorite is petroleum blue, standing on top of the furniture.


Bilde 1


Hvit eleganse

Bilde 2 Bilde 3

Noen objekter faller i smak umiddelbart.

Det lyse. Enkle. Estetiske. Rene.

Denne lampen falt jeg pladask for, allerede da den dumpet inn på mailboksen.

Lullaby pendlen i stenpapir og asketre er designet av Monica Förster for Lightyears. 

Den lanseres på Stockholm Furniture & Northern Light Fair kommende uke.

Jeg skal til Stockholm. Skal du?


PS. Stenpapir er laget av knust kalksten 🙂