Make a welcoming entrance, on a low budget!


I love visiting people that have done a little extra with their entrance outside! The feeling of being welcome. Someone who has done the effort of making it cosy not only indoor, but outdoor too. I really appreciate that!

In belief that others share my opinion I have made my own decorative welcome comitee.

I`ve used what I already had, added natural elements and seasonal greens found in the woods.

Keep a low budget, it doesn`t have to cost much!

Here are a few tips:

-Tree trunks are perfect to use to get things higher up and the add a natural rustic look. The do not get worn out with time, just get prettier!

-Evergreen plants are a good investment. My favorite is this olivetree that is outdoor all year! Tujas come in all kinds of sizes. These small round ones are so decorative.

-I collect branches/ driftwood/ roots found on the shore. They are smooth and have an amazing grey color. Each their own patina. Driftwood contains alot of salt, which preserves them.

-Glass/ vases with tall edges like the `norgesglass` are perfect for candlelight. They protect the flame from the wind. Be sure they tolerate frost!

-There are lots of figurines made out of plaster, concrete etc…that can make an extra detail. Like this squirrel! It belonged to the people that sold me my house! I am so glad I kept it. 🙂

-Pick pine branches and lay straight on the porch, got to love that green!

Otherwise; lights chains make a lovely twinkle or glow. Unique flowerpots, made for outdoor use, can add a little extra. Choose evergreen plants in different hights.

The snow came over night, what a surprise! A perfect setting for this outdoor entrance decoration.

Signe & Julipus (cat)


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Christmas red


Merry Christmas. To you all. It`s the season to be jolly. Add a bit red and twinkling lights to your interior. Unite with friends. Family. Perhaps say hello to someone you have never said hello to, but passed a thousand times.

I`m at home in Rosendal, after a month in India. It`s good to be back. But do miss the heat. Simplicity. People. Green surroundings. The beach. The sun. My yogi friends from all parts of the world!

But I do love Norwegian seasons. My surroundings changing color. Changing temperature.

Have become more aware after my trip. Had all I needed for a month in one suitcase. Even brought too much! Did not miss a thing though. It was a huge contrast to come home to my detailed home. And to Christmas which has become such a material time of year. Gifts are fine. A pleasure to give away. To receive.

But what would anything be without; Compassion. Love. Joy! All three for free! So give alot away this Christmas! All year! Ok?

Hope you all have your loved ones around.

Again, merry Christmas!



Christmas vibes



I love warming up for Christmas in the beginning of Desember. But this year I am going away! Sunday the 21th of November I am heading to India for a month. A teacher training yoga course. I am so exited!

So I am trying to make a little Christmas in advance, since I`ll be coming home right before the holiday. And my familiy is spending Christmas in Rosendal with me and my sweet cat Julipus.

I`ve found my seasonal Royal Copenhagen porcelain cups and been outside picking a few small fir trees which I have planted in pots.

These white drinking glasses are perfect for candle light. Love the way the candlelight twinkles through the glass garvings. The deer antlers are from a local hunter.

Seriously, adding Christmas details doesn`t have to be that complicated! And you do not have to spend a fortune! Use what you already have!

This years Christmas gifts to myself are in advance to. The India trip of course. And this vintage Thorbjørn Afdal table, Bellis. LOOOOOVE it. From Remix- art.

India countdown! Can`t wait!

Good luck with your Christmas preparations.



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