Recycled greenhouse by the sea


Now this a dream project! I have been thinking about it for ages. Making a green house of old windows.

Recycling. Reusing. Redesigning. Making an extra room with extraordinary light! Everytime I am at a recycling center I look at windows people have thrown away. Windows that have so much potencial!

It´s still a dream, but it will come true! One day!

Untill then I`ll hang out in this redesign greenhouse by the fjord. Not far from my house. A greenhouse made out of of windows from a building that was to be torn down. (Sundeprosjekt).

Rolf, the owner and handyman, built the greenhouse. And has done an amazing job. Not to mention esthetic. Accurate lines. Perfect symmetry. I am speechless.

The greenhouse has grapevines along three sides, and a wooden floor in the middle where he has made a work bench of left over wood, perfect for gatherings too!

What do you think? Read about it in the local paper Grenda and Kvinnheringen this week!


DSC_0949  DSC_0986 DSC_0975

Chairs- Montana// Lantern-Holmegaard// Retro stool-redesign// Glass jars vintage `Norgesglass`// Teapot- Spire-Porsgrund porselen

New York magnolias on the wall

DSC_1036This spring, on a trip to New York, I had the most amazing meeting with a park in full bloom. The magnolias in Central Park.

What a sight! I`m over average fond of flowers.

This instagram picture just had to wind up on my wall over my carpenter bench. Adding a little sweet to the rustic!

Me like!

Make your own art


Are your walls empty? Do you need something to hang on them?

Why not make your own art! I did!

This picture is blown up on aluminium and has a practical alu-frame on the backside, which makes is super easy to hang up! Ordered from FotoKnudsen.

This picture is going to remind me of summer alle year round!


DSC_7655  Wallpaper- Biritapet// Shelf & Chair- Montana// Bowl- Kahler// Glass vases- FretexDSC_7629 DSC_7637   DSC_7618

Bench DIY



Leftover wooden material is fun to play around with.

A carpenter wanted to throw away the short bits of plank leftover after building my terracce. I insisted on keeping them. I saw possibility.

1) First I measured up the seating and cut planks in the same length.

2) Then I made a frame with the same width as the seating.

3) The I made 4 legs and two short supporting planks. Screwed them info place.

4) Finally I screwed the sesting into place.

Voila. So simple!

DSC_5701  ONE:DSC_5675TWO:DSC_5655 DSC_5665THREE: DSC_5671  DSC_5678    DSC_5651