Driftwood DIY


We are entering the season for candle light. That beautiful glow that gives us the warmth we long for during the winter. Copy this idea and make your winter candlelight driftwood decoration. Beautiful over a table, entrance or on you patio.

All you need is driftwood, jars/ norgesglass, metal thread and hooks!

Make it yourself. Make it the size you want.

Light those candles.


(Pictures from a cabin on the island Skorpo. Decoration Elisabeth Fjeld) 

_dsc1165 _dsc1175  _dsc1280

Pressed flowers

IMG_5476I have always had a thing for flowers! And I find pressed flowers one of the sweetest things I know of. My mom has had these botanic cards around for ages. They remind me that I am going to press norwegian wild flowers this summer.

Pressed flowers can be used for so much! Decorating cards, candles, jars or easter eggs. Simply frame them or make bookmarks. So many possibilities.

And it kind of gives you a feeling of summer all year round!



butterfly-wing-necklace-27f7e6d37063b0f880b09054fc984a29a  BMfloralprintkirsten-flowers-4heart-500 il_fullxfull.705341232_o9zj nwf-pressed-flowers-lg-e1342539968573 pressed_flower_card_by_lleviton-d4d5reu pressed-dried-flowers-ftr pressed-flowers-ftr 2Press the pictures for credit and ideas

Redesign kitchen -Before & after

DSC_5601An outdated kitchen can have alot of potencial. Like this one!
The kitchen doors were so dark and stuck in time. And there were way too may doors on the top row! It all gave the kitchen a lousy impression and the top row too alot of space! It was about time to do a facelift.

The doors were sent to a laquer company and the remains of the kitchen were painted in the chosen two different shades of grey. Both NCS. Top 1500 and bottom 2500.

A double closet on top was removed and replaced with two open shelves to give the room more air.

The rug is from one of the owners mother. A nostalgic element that inspired me. I chose a apricot color, found in the rug, and painted four chairs. The old wooden table in the kitchen was replaced with a smaller and more modern type, as a contrast to all the wood.

Reuse and redesign what you already have! And add a little new. That`s the best way to really make it personal! This is how it turned out!


DSC_5619 (1)  IMG_0119 DSC_5583 DSC_5590 DSC_5596 DSC_5599 IMG_0121

Recycled greenhouse by the sea


Now this a dream project! I have been thinking about it for ages. Making a green house of old windows.

Recycling. Reusing. Redesigning. Making an extra room with extraordinary light! Everytime I am at a recycling center I look at windows people have thrown away. Windows that have so much potencial!

It´s still a dream, but it will come true! One day!

Untill then I`ll hang out in this redesign greenhouse by the fjord. Not far from my house. A greenhouse made out of of windows from a building that was to be torn down. (Sundeprosjekt).

Rolf, the owner and handyman, built the greenhouse. And has done an amazing job. Not to mention esthetic. Accurate lines. Perfect symmetry. I am speechless.

The greenhouse has grapevines along three sides, and a wooden floor in the middle where he has made a work bench of left over wood, perfect for gatherings too!

What do you think? Read about it in the local paper Grenda and Kvinnheringen this week!


DSC_0949  DSC_0986 DSC_0975

Chairs- Montana// Lantern-Holmegaard// Retro stool-redesign// Glass jars vintage `Norgesglass`// Teapot- Spire-Porsgrund porselen