Interiør og Boligmessen Bergen 2015


Interiør og Boligmessen Bergen 2015.

The Bergen event of the year. Motto; Handmade is the new black.

Thank you!

I returned home to Rosendal feeling inspired. Included. Re-energized. And so much more.

This weekend event wouldn`t have been possible without the visitors, designers, vendors/ companies and their exhibitions stands, craftmen and woman, the event manager Trude Vaaga and her magnificent crew. Atmosphere, creativity and knowledge about handcraft filled the Grieg exhibition area. This years theme, handcraft and handmade, couldn`t have been a better choice!

There are clear tendencies and a attitude change in our society. And increased focus on old handcraft traditions has made room for new designers and others that have known these skills for years. Do it and make it yourself is the new thing. Perfect and mass produced is out. Unperfection and history of the product is in!

I was on a mission this weekend for Interior & boligmessen where I spoke to the crowd from the stage and interviewed various craftmen & relevant interior personalities during the weekend. There was so much to see, and so much to participate in. And so many people to talk to. Old and new.

The lovely national coustume I am wearing in one of the pictures is from Sogn, borrowed from Norsk Flid Husfliden Bergen.  Irene Tørhaug introduced my outfit for the evening. The leather boots, underneath this `bunad` were from Klaveness.

For more info and pictures visit Interiør og Boligmessen Bergen 2015. You find them on facebook too!


12068813_1170301799651317_7186595635095078054_o 12080024_1170233579658139_2946704006449627618_oCongratulations to Dare to Design for winning the prize `Best furniture` for their new supersmart storing system Organize. IMG_585612120205_1170301916317972_1818886111994947466_o12094986_1170232789658218_7489887053325104727_oMy hair was attempted woven for the first time. Weave me away Anne Djupvik Andersen took the challenge. 12087102_1170232759658221_296124178395315223_o At the event you could see handmade and old objects, and newer design. A perfect combination. Remix art and Taken were both represented with their vintage items & interior. Designers and other known faces in Norways world of interior and color were also present; such as Andreas Engelsvik, Ragnhild Wik, Kråkvik & D`Orazio, Per Olav Sølvberg, Einar Nilsson, Kirsten Visdal, Dagny Thurman- Moe, Lisbeth Larsen, Helle Tjaberg, the duo Kneip. Anouk, behind Anouk brands, from the Netherlands. And I must promote one more contributor and her important speach about life, who we are, and why we react how we do. And all these feelings that surround us and our homes. No matter if we want them to or not! ; Irene Nygårdsvik / Spekulatoriet12091207_1170232666324897_958033028224423443_o 12091326_1170232429658254_1259372757189397664_oIn a interview with Marta Kløve Juul, from Osterøy museum, we talked about the process of wool as a raw material to a usable product. And she showed off this amazing multifunctional waterproof wool product made on the Oppstads-weave. Above, Terje Simmenes showed off different wool felting techniques. Visitors were able to try it out themselves in various workshops. 12110009_1170153329666164_8427668049860744162_o12113476_1170232579658239_5141860784708636077_oPaper Me- Hilde Mork by Hilde Mork. Such a lovely and talented lady who makes the most beautiful prints….and new notebook. Arvid Søvik from `Trekunst og dekorasjon`, above, showed off rosepainting and pyrography. 12095014_1170233466324817_3178499245257673754_o 12094752_1170233626324801_3787839961911424330_o 12109918_1170301206318043_7968627825737439137_oMusician and founder of Lysverket restaurant Fredrik Saroea.12087842_1170302099651287_3279137298365627400_o 12109979_1170301309651366_1726885533070898605_o 12138335_1170301246318039_5121101300076242432_oAll photes by: TOVE LISE MOSSESTAD

Inspired by nature and nostalgia


Lysbilde46My last lecture was for Montana. The danish modul based company that allows you to build furniture suited perfectly for your home. Furniture with your favorite color. But the furniture can be used in so many ways. In different rooms. Pick apart and build together the moduls you already have. It`s a friend for life.

Recently `Montana collection` was launched. 22 pieces of set furniture. You only need to chose the color.

I had the pleasure of holding two lectures in Bergen and Stavanger. Talking about Montana from my point of view. How I see it. Where I would use it. What inspires me. Here is a sneak peak of some of the pictures I showed in my presentation. I mixed pictures of childhood memories at my grandparents, pictures from my house from 1954, Norways magic nature and colors I love, with furniture from Montana and their new Collection.


Lysbilde2 Lysbilde37



Lysbilde2 Lysbilde3

Time to talk about color


Today I am heading off to Stavanger for the Montana catalouge launch at Møbelgalleriet, and to see their new collection of 22 new finished products. Of course you choose the color.

Joachim Lassen the director of Montana will tell you more about the new collection. I am going to hold a lecture about color, interior and what inspires me in my projects. And how  to make your interior personal.

Do you want to join? Send a email to!

Would love to see you! The more the merrier!


IMG_9921 montana_collection_display_1 montana_collection_display_2 montana_collection_treasure_1

product pictures by Montana