Painting course in Rosendal

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Omringet av fjord, fjell og frodige daler kan du boltre deg i disse vakre omgivelsene før og etter kurset. Huset har egen brygge, ta deg et morgen eller kveldsbad! Besøk Baroniets slott eller/ og skjønne hage kafe! Og er du kunst interessert har Galleri Guddal innerst i Guddal åpent både galleri og kafé, undertegnede har innredet! Ellers må du bare nyte husets utsikt mot fjord og fjell og la deg inspirerende av et unik interiør! Overnatting hvis ønske i Signe sitt hus sammen med andre kursdeltagere

Vi tar for oss flere maleteknikker og materialer som skaper ulike strukturer og effekter i maleriet. Grunnleggende opplæring i maling med akrylmaling på lerret. Her kan du virkelig lære hvilke muligheter som ligger i akrylmaling. Kurset krever ingen forkunnskaper. Hver kursdeltager får male 2 bilder i str. 80×80. Garantert fine resultater! Servering av mat & vin.
Husk maleklær!

Lørdag kl. 1600-1630
Søndag kl. 1130-1200

Lørdag 2. og søndag 3. juli | KUN 8 plasser
Tid: 1200-1600
Kurspris 4200,- u/ overnatting (men med vin)
Seng + enkel frokost hos Signe
450,- pr. person. Eller book et rom på vakre Rosendal turisthotell!                                       Påmelding | tlf 48 16 22 13

Manshausen Island

imageimageimageThere are so many smart solutions made in the cabins. Like this kitchen eating area. A pull down table and a box with storage inside, on wheels of course.imageimageManshausen Island, what a beautiful tranquil place. Situated in the Steigen archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway. The Island´s position between mountains and the Barents Sea is in itself the inspiration for Polar Explorer Børge Ousland´s newest project. He has built an adventure and exploration resort, on this island historically a trading post for the fishing industry. His cabins have draw attention across the world. The estethic cabins are 34 square metres are one of a kind, by architect Snorre Stinessen. 4 cabins are built, 2 are in progress. The materials and solutions are impressing. Litterally hanging over the sea, with 3 walls made of massive glass, with handmade and specialized glass, Corian and wooden interior solutions for small spaces these cabins are inspiring, convienient and practical. I spent a night here and offered a evening yoga class! If you visit, book yourself a trip up in the mountains or at sea! For more info press Manshausen.imageimageimageimage image imageThe surroundings are quiet, wild and northern. The sun decided to hide the day I visited. Sitting in the cabin I was amazed seeing the storm outside. Wind, waves and rain hot the huge glass surfaces that cover three walls of the cabin. I felt peace inside the cabin where I sat in the beautiful Scandia chair by Fjord Fiesta covered in a warm wool blanket. imageimageimageimage image

Boligkrise Episode 4

DSC_5608Kitchen corner after & before IMG_0055This episode of Boligkrise is another makeover. Budget smart and inspiring. Using what you have but mixing it with new items, painting and seeing possibilities.

The kitchen in this episode was so outdated, dark and craving. A double kitchen closet was removed to reveal the light from the small window in the corner, but also to give the kitchen more space. The closet was switched out with a open solution instead. A more modern approach. All the doors were sent away to be spray painted in two light shades grey, lightest on top, a shade darker beneath!

The giant table was replaced with a round table making the room more spacious and making it able to walk towards the window freely. The old wooden chairs were painted in a peachy color. The lamp over the table is perfect over the new round table.

In the corner I built a place to sit and relax, with a practical storage space underneath. The picture on the wall and pillows are a motive I took in the garden, thanx Allkopi!

The livingroom was over furnished with a gigantic red sofa and bookshelves packed with books. It was dark and crowded. And we really wanted to put in a balcony door leading to the garden. But we didn`t have time. So we blew up a large picture instead! All the walls were painted, and the room refurnished using old and new. The red sofa was switched out with a smaller and lighter sofa, to add color I placed a rusty red chair in the corner.

Hope you like it!



IMG_0066DSC_5599 DSC_5600Livingroom/ Diningroom before & afterIMG_0097IMG_0457Livingroom under after and beforeIMG_0104IMG_0448Outside the house before and afterIMG_0014 IMG_0279