Out of the closet/ Ut av skapet NRK

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I am proud to have furnished the program Ut av skapet showing these days on NRK1 Mondays 10:30 PM. The interior is a mix of old and new. Each bedroom had it`s own style and color.

5 brave people are revealing their secret that has been difficult for them to share with others. They moved in to a large flat in central Oslo for 3 weeks where the program takes place. We also follow each person going home telling their story; where they are from and who they really are. An important subject.

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Interior from Ygg & Lyng (spisebord, puffer), Montana (Pantone 1 stoler& sidebord), Fretex (nips), Fotoknudsen (fotolerret på vegg), Rosendahl (kjøkkenutstyr & pyntegjenstander), Brunstad (sofa), Magnor (glass), Hardanger bestikk, Ikea, Fuglen (vintage), Muchi (interiør og tekstil), Varier (lenestol Kokon), Northern lighting (lamper), iittala (lamper, småbord, vegghyller).

Thanks to my lovely & helpful assistants Kaja & Katrine (Tidsrom Interiørdesign).


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Rosendal by Signe


At last. Have been waiting for spring to launch these products I have made with motives from Rosendal! Cards, poster and notebook.

I do love the magnificent nature around Rosendal, and a camera is always with me to document these moments. My surroundings are in constant change, right in front of my eyes. The light, the clouds, the sun, the wind, the colors. It`s never the same.

Each card and the notebook all have a quote on the backside. But the cards have plenty of room for you to write.

Here are some of the motives I have chosen. Hope you like it!

Check out my webshop Rosendal by Signe

If you are in Rosendal visit the popup shop at Rosendal Turisthotell. My items are sold here with ceramics from Wik Oslo-Ragnhild Wik, books and cards from Spekulatoriet by Irene Nygårdsvik, knit items from Cosy Consept by Turid Lindeland.

Have a lovely day!


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A classic relaunch- Cathrineholm


In April 2016 Imerco is relaunching the familiar enamelled bowls from Cathrineholm. At their birth back in 1960 they became a success in Scandinavia and the US. Behind this enamell success stood Scandinavias unofficial design queen, jeweler and artist Grete Prytz Kittelsen . These 60ties enamelled bowls and saucepans are design icons and collectibles to this day. 

If you can`t find an old one, now you can get a new one!

My favorite? The sea green! What’s your Favourite? 

// Signe

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Design hotell in Oslo

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What a contrast. Of a delightful matter. The day I arrived Norway, after a month of yoga and a seriously simple livestyle in India, I checked in at a hotell in the heart of Oslo. With Oslo Sentral station, Karl Johan, Østbanehallen and the Oslo Opera House as my next store neighbours I could not have felt more urban! A feeling I haven`t felt for a while! And I do live in a small town called Rosendal on the westcoast. I had one day to spend in Oslo before I flew back home to Rosendal. And I wanted to fill up my urban account!

I chose Comfort hotell Grand Central. And I do not regret. What a hotell. What an atmosphere. What a supercool interior! Room 312 a spacious double room with a hidden bed in the wall, gymnastic rings (!) hanging from the ceiling, double sinks, grafitti and supercool interior & details. It`s not their cheepest room, but it was an experience.

I slept like a princess in a tremendously comfortable bed. My madras in India was sooooo hard! The daylight flowing through the arched windows and sheer elegant curtains made an incredible atmosphere. I brought tea, free of charge in the lobby, to my room and sat in the wide window cills looking down at the busy city. And there was plenty of room for me to do yoga!

I recommend.

PS: Skip the elevator and take the stairs to experience the old fashioned staircase and lovely old doors.


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