Porcelain nostalgia


I have a thing for porcelain mugs. The one I chose is chosen by the mood I am in. All my guests chose too.

This one is an oldie. It reminds me of my grandparents. This one has Bestemor printed on it, which means Granny. Remember in the early 80`ties, my years on the small island Leka, every grandparent had these kind of mugs. Guess they sold them at the local Samvirkelag! (store).

Hold on to those childhood memories! They are so valuable.

Have a lovely day!




DSC_1814 (2)DSC_1798

Saturday blues


All we need is love. And coffee……. an one more thing, I`ve said it before: COLOR 🙂

This vase is so sweet with the lyrics `All you need is love` engraved on it`s super matt retroblue surface.

Vases with this shape are so easy to use in different ways; for flowers, plants, pencils og why not your dishwasher brush?

It`s still early, the sun is shining and my coffee is getting cold!

Gotta go!

Have a lovely day!



Kähler- vase Lovesong// Royal Copenhagen- Megamussel cup// Fretex- brass candlestick// Mester Grønn- plant