Christmas red


Merry Christmas. To you all. It`s the season to be jolly. Add a bit red and twinkling lights to your interior. Unite with friends. Family. Perhaps say hello to someone you have never said hello to, but passed a thousand times.

I`m at home in Rosendal, after a month in India. It`s good to be back. But do miss the heat. Simplicity. People. Green surroundings. The beach. The sun. My yogi friends from all parts of the world!

But I do love Norwegian seasons. My surroundings changing color. Changing temperature.

Have become more aware after my trip. Had all I needed for a month in one suitcase. Even brought too much! Did not miss a thing though. It was a huge contrast to come home to my detailed home. And to Christmas which has become such a material time of year. Gifts are fine. A pleasure to give away. To receive.

But what would anything be without; Compassion. Love. Joy! All three for free! So give alot away this Christmas! All year! Ok?

Hope you all have your loved ones around.

Again, merry Christmas!



Photostyling outdoor 2

_DSC3795 _DSC3788

From Sundays photostyling workshop. Subject? How to use the M (manual) button, not the Auto! How to find the right angle, light, perspective, depth and motive! And that delicate blur! It`s was such a creative sunday in cinnamon coated surroundings in the Barony in Rosendal!

The M setting gives you so many opportunities! So you just have to dare to let go of the Auto. Please give it a try? Please read the blogpost under this one for more info and details about the workshop!

Signe_DSC3770 _DSC3757  _DSC3765

Fresh flowers in my atelier


Fresh flowers. Every friday. That weekend feeling!

These pink peonies look so good surrounded by that crispy green.

And they do look good in front of my new blackboard & magnetic painted wall and grey Dokka lamp.

A little old. A little new.

As always!

Have a good pentecost/ God pinse!



Dokka lamp & candleholder-Northern lighting// Blackboard & Magnetic paint- Beckers// Vase-Wik & Walsøe// Flowers-Mester Grøn// Drawer & vases-FretexDSC_4084

Saturday blues


All we need is love. And coffee……. an one more thing, I`ve said it before: COLOR 🙂

This vase is so sweet with the lyrics `All you need is love` engraved on it`s super matt retroblue surface.

Vases with this shape are so easy to use in different ways; for flowers, plants, pencils og why not your dishwasher brush?

It`s still early, the sun is shining and my coffee is getting cold!

Gotta go!

Have a lovely day!



Kähler- vase Lovesong// Royal Copenhagen- Megamussel cup// Fretex- brass candlestick// Mester Grønn- plant