Style your home before you sell!

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Here is some advice if you are in the process of selling your home! A little effort is so worth it! It doesn`t have to cost a fortune! Think smart, use what you already have!

This article is in the latest Obos bladet. Photo bt Nadja Frantzen. Written by Heidi Røneid. Thanks for visiting ladies! Soon the article will be published here

If you need advice I`d be more than happy to consult you! Send me a mail.


The green floral wallpaper is Simi from Sanderson. The grey floral is Florentine from Borge. Both vinyl!

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A home and artist with personality

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Christian Houge.

A Norwegian artist and photographer.

A man who has created his own style and atmosphere.

A man who is a creator, not a follower.

He tells stories, engages and inspires.

Read an article I wrote about him recently shown in Aftenposten Bolig and several other Norwegian newspapers.

 Press here

And have a lovely weekend!


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All pictures Monica Strømdahl


Home sweet home

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Furnished. Finally!

My interior project HOME is accomplished.

I have a house in Rosendal, but needed a Oslo flat.

I`m working on a new TV project at the moment. Too cool! See you on the screen soon……

Since all my furniture is in the house, I wanted I needed more for my new flat.

I set a LOW budget.

And I have done it all almost for free. Amazing! Huh?

The only thing I paid for is the long teak cabinet. Otherwise I used things I had in store, found items for free on internet and some items are from friends.

The plants are from Plantasjen, and mint green and grey matt walls are painted with Beckers. The bedroom has fabrics from

Yesterday photographer Anniken Zahl Furunes took pictures.

Hopefully my home will be in a magazine soon!


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