What to do inside on a rainy day……


15 things to do inside on a rainy day!

1) Color coordinate your books.

2) Bake something real good.

3) Start reading that awsome book you once bought….but haven`t opened yet!

4) Clean you kitchen drawers. (How come crumbs always end up here??)

5) Start packing away your winter clothing.

6) Get some ironing done.

7) Wash windows.

8) Look out the window and enjoy the view….if you have one!

9) Use vinagre and a cloth and polish you daily cutlery! Or polish your silver.

10) Make a super duper happy playlist!

11) Thaw and clean you overfrozen freezer….

12) Invite a friend over and play UNO…or Scrabble??

13) Sort those singel socks!

14) Put on a face mask, good music and vacum.

15) Delete old smses, emails and photoes on you phone & computer.

….At least my books are color coordinated already! CHECK!


DSC_4782 DSC_4784

Lazy green morning


Sitting inside this saturday morning. It`s dark and grey outside.

Inside it`s warm and light. And green!

These spring colors remind me of green grass and warmer weather.

The tablecloth is from my mom, its charming and old. And flawless!

Chairs for free (!!) on Finn.no (Craigslist).

Think I´ll stay inside today and finish my book and drink hot coffee from my favorite cup.

Have a lovely weekend.




DSC_6951 DSC_6966 DSC_6968

Porcelain cup from Royalcopenhagen// Candleholder from Wik& Walsøe// Mossgreen chairs painted with Salvia 825 Beckers Aqua Elegant 

Skjermbilde 2014-11-08 kl. 11.17

My inspiration these days

DSC_4964DSC_4961 DSC_4981

These days I am reading this lovely book, based on the

four seasons in lovely Rosendal.

Situated between the mountains and the Hardangerfjord, this small-town is beautiful, charming and it`s nature is breathtaking.

The book shows you nature, interior, people, beautiful seasons and so much more.

Buy the book at the charming Rosendal Bookstore or here

Please, let me know if you`ve read it!!

I love it!


DSC_4980 DSC_4976DSC_4994DSC_4968 DSC_4965

Laila Meyrick og Carina Watkinson driver design- og fotobedriften Velour i Oslo.

Sammen er de redaktører av boka og ansvarlige for bilder og design.

Natural surroundings

Cosy 1682 Cosy 1643

Isn`t this green amazing?

These pictures are taken in the woods and on a nearby farm.

Love the light.

The colors are so rich.

These pictures are from the book Garngleder in Rosendal, 

by Cappelen Damm.

It`s about knitting, design, norwegian nature and life on the countryside.

I did the styling in the book.

The author and designer Turid Lindeland and photographer Bodil Bo

did an amazing job!

Recently the book had a launch in the sweet Rosendal bokhandel. (bookshop).

Rosendal is the small and charming town where all the pictures are taken.



Cosy 1406

Cosy 1398


The green thermo cup is from Royal Copenhagen//Knitting from Cosy Concept//

Mint green porcelain cup made by Elisa Helland Hansen.