Birthday table setting


Setting the table for my birthday dinner today.

Having a few friends over. I do love birthdays!

The tablesetting is so easy. Roses in different pinks and peach, put in glass vases, glasses and bowls.  A white tablecloth. White dishes. Keep it simple.

It`s good to get older. Wiser. Understand things I haven`t understood.

Feeling grateful today too. For life, friends & family, good heatlh. Having clothes to wear, food to eat. For peace in the streets. A roof over my head. And for finding joy in the simplest things!

Happy birthday to me!

And a lovely evening to you!

From Rosendal with love,


DSC_1688DSC_1620 DSC_1631 (1)

New York magnolias on the wall

DSC_1036This spring, on a trip to New York, I had the most amazing meeting with a park in full bloom. The magnolias in Central Park.

What a sight! I`m over average fond of flowers.

This instagram picture just had to wind up on my wall over my carpenter bench. Adding a little sweet to the rustic!

Me like!

Roses on the wall


Last year I was walking around in the Barony in Rosendal taking pictures!

Their rose garden is absolutely amazing.

This is one of the pictures I took. The motive is edited into black and white. Then blown up on shiny plexi, ordered through FotoKnudsen.

Those flower petals are so delicate!

Perhaps you have pictures that could be the next thing hanging on your wall? Or someone elses wall?

Think about it.


DSC_7703 DSC_7712

Mornings like these


Summer came. But dissapeared.

It`s rainy grey outside.

Still. This morning I had a cup of coffee on my porch. Holding a hot cup of coffee tucked in a warm wool blanket, it wasn`t bad at all.

Then I spotted these lavender lovelies.

The feeling of bare feet in soft green grass. Picking wild flowers. That`s summer. No matter weather!

Don`t you agree?


Vase from Fretex. Curtain from a fleamarked.