Interior: From dark to light and bright, Boligkrise


I love interior makeovers! Before and after. Using what you have, but adding a little new and of course paint!

Boligkrise episode 2 from Arendal was a total makeover in an beautiful white house by the sea. Before the makeover it was furnished with dark furniture and dark painted elements. The house had been for sale a year without being sold.

The house deserved a lighter look situated in the south of Norway and so close to the sea. And they really needed a fence around the property!

The family needed help so the Boligkrise team moved in for 5 days to redo the home and make it ready for sale.

Here are before and after pictures! And please follow Boligkrise on Facebook! 

Signe 🙂

All lamps from Northern design// Furniture in livingroom Ikea// Furniture in diningroom Ikea except table from Jysk// Kitchen furniture from Ikea, fridge from Gorenje// Plants from Plantasjen!


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IMG_1780 IMG_1430IMG_1722Met this sweetheart out shopping! IMG_3830

Pressed flowers

IMG_5476I have always had a thing for flowers! And I find pressed flowers one of the sweetest things I know of. My mom has had these botanic cards around for ages. They remind me that I am going to press norwegian wild flowers this summer.

Pressed flowers can be used for so much! Decorating cards, candles, jars or easter eggs. Simply frame them or make bookmarks. So many possibilities.

And it kind of gives you a feeling of summer all year round!



butterfly-wing-necklace-27f7e6d37063b0f880b09054fc984a29a  BMfloralprintkirsten-flowers-4heart-500 il_fullxfull.705341232_o9zj nwf-pressed-flowers-lg-e1342539968573 pressed_flower_card_by_lleviton-d4d5reu pressed-dried-flowers-ftr pressed-flowers-ftr 2Press the pictures for credit and ideas

Table setting with old and new


I am so into backing sourdough bread these days. This little lump of sourdough starter I am keeping alive, given by a friend, feeding it frequently. Is actually quite fun. And every time it kind of turns out different. But still so good. The best thing is that I do not add commercial yeast. The homemade sourdough starter is sufficient for the rising.

Expecting guests for lunch. Keeping it simple. Using old and new. And I do have something beautiful and new in the house! These porcelain plates, Lys from Wik Walsøe, have been on my wish list for years. Such a delicate design. Simply beautiful. Bone porcelain with golden dots. I am in love. The plates are super flat which gives them a shape different to other plates.

Fresh bread, cheese, jam and some dried figs are being served today.

Bon apetitt!


_DSC7562_DSC7514  _DSC7528   _DSC7543

Birthday table setting


Setting the table for my birthday dinner today.

Having a few friends over. I do love birthdays!

The tablesetting is so easy. Roses in different pinks and peach, put in glass vases, glasses and bowls.  A white tablecloth. White dishes. Keep it simple.

It`s good to get older. Wiser. Understand things I haven`t understood.

Feeling grateful today too. For life, friends & family, good heatlh. Having clothes to wear, food to eat. For peace in the streets. A roof over my head. And for finding joy in the simplest things!

Happy birthday to me!

And a lovely evening to you!

From Rosendal with love,


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