Happy New year!

I will contuinue my year with mixing old and new. I do love things. And I have alot. I see value in things others don`t. That just part of me. It has always been that way. BUT….

This year I am adding less new. Getting rid of lots of old. Being more content. Stopp craving. Being gratefull for what I already have.Using what I have in differnet ways.
Moving unused things around, putting them in the correct environment can make them bloom! Try it, perhaps a forgotton item can become your new favorite!

Make a list and make up a few thoughts:

-What feeling does this object give you?

-What use does this item have?

-Does an obejct have more than just an affectionate value?

-Do you have broken items? Can they be fixed or not…

-Do you have clothes that don`t fit… that you dream will fit…one day? Ask you self, will it ever fit? REALITY CHECK! 🙂

-Are your cupboards full of plastic containers that are smart to have…in case left over food? How many do you really need…..

-Will I miss this if it is gone?

-Will someone else appreciate this more than me?

-I love vases. Do you? How many different kind do you actually use? And need?

Only you have the answers to these questions! Because we do have enought don`t we? Sort you clutter! Get organized. Own less! Don`t throw it away. Give it away. To friends, family, charlty.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Love this article about cleaning up your stuff!



Basement renovation: 2 of 3


Basement renovation blogpost number 2.

Still have a little bit to do, but consider this project ready to be shown to you!

So much is done since I started renovating late desmeber 2014.

Love the new warm concrete floor. It`s made in two floors. Only a few inches difference. When my friends are over we actually hang out in the new basement. It has such a good atmosphere!

The stairs leading up to the first floor are original. A little steep, but they do their job! They were in such a bad condition, covered with old grey vinyl, plenty of glue and varnish. Removed both, made a smooth surface and painted them grey.

The antlers are from around Rosendal somewhere, thanks Stig O.

Smartpanel covers this section of the basement. Choose those without any profil to keep the look simple.

Read exactly was done in an earlier blogpost here

Signe DSC_4697

DSC_4748 Interior from: The lamp is a gift I recieved when I was 19 years old! It has followed me since! The table is designed by Piet Hein from Fritz Hansen, bought several years ago. The chairs are a mix of old wooden chairs. Except the white wooden Arne Jacobsen chair, from Fritz Hansen too. Wall shelves from Ikea, cupboard to the left from someone I know in Rosendal, made in Rosendal! The beautiful green vase is 2lips from Holmegaard. The round mirror is secondhand. Framed picture from HIlde Mork. And Anne C thanks for that sweet green Omvikdalen plant!! DSC_4713This room, picture above, where the table is, used to be tree small rooms, can you imagine?IMG_5829A giant steel load bearing beem replaced the earlier supporting wall. It was so rusty. I sanded it and painted it with a Bengalack paint that prevents rust.DSC_0750These last two pictures are the wall where the shelves are hanging today.  IMG_5831IMG_6875

My basement renovation: 1 of 3


November 2011 I bought a house in Rosendal.  It needed serious updating at the time. Little was done since it was build in 1954. I concentrated on renovating the 1st and 2nd floor before I moved in spring 2012. Thank for all your help Ove Hillesland, owner of Rosendal Turisthotell and glass master.

The basement was cold, dark and there was alot of moist in the room. Unfortunately water damage too. The basement had never been in use.

After a few years I wanted to start renovating the basement. I hated the thought of having 80 unusable square meters. It was so ineffective. Such a waste of space. And the livingroom, above the basement, was constantly cold…

And I did have an idea of transforming the basement into a workshop and atelier!

I contacted local companies; Kjell Høyland, H2 elektro and Dimmelsvik entreprenør which helped me make this dream come true! Thanks!

Will show you one room in three blogposts. This is number one!

On the bottom of this blogpost you can read what has been done!

FINISHED AT LAST!! #happy!! (a little bit is left….)


DSC_4238 The carpenterbench, sofa and teak table were in the house when I bought it. The three chairs are from different recycling stations. One of them I upholstered myself with a supercool fabric called Leopold from Borge/ Clark& Clark. The shelf to the left is handmade out of leftover wooden plank. The picture on he wall is new, by Hilde Mork. Check out her lovely prints here. DSC_4220IMG_5067

This open space used to be tree rooms……

IMG_5795 IMG_5828 IMG_5834

What was done:

1) The supporting wall to the left is torn down and replaced with a steel beem.

2) Four other walls where removed, 5 rooms where to become one big open space.

3) The ceilings ware torn down, isolated and replaced with white painted ceiling panels.

4) The walls were torn, isolated and covered with a moisture barrier and covered with panels from Smartpanel, painted white and the green color vårljus from Beckers.

5) A wall of lecablocks was plastered, sanded and painted.

6) New electricity circuts, cables and switches were laid.

7) The old floor was thoroughly cleaned, covered with a primer and covered with Depron isolations mats. Heating cables where placed on the floor.

8) The floor got a new layer of concrete.

I think I got it all! Puh! 🙂

Fresh flowers in my atelier


Fresh flowers. Every friday. That weekend feeling!

These pink peonies look so good surrounded by that crispy green.

And they do look good in front of my new blackboard & magnetic painted wall and grey Dokka lamp.

A little old. A little new.

As always!

Have a good pentecost/ God pinse!



Dokka lamp & candleholder-Northern lighting// Blackboard & Magnetic paint- Beckers// Vase-Wik & Walsøe// Flowers-Mester Grøn// Drawer & vases-FretexDSC_4084