A home and artist with personality

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Christian Houge.

A Norwegian artist and photographer.

A man who has created his own style and atmosphere.

A man who is a creator, not a follower.

He tells stories, engages and inspires.

Read an article I wrote about him recently shown in Aftenposten Bolig and several other Norwegian newspapers.

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All pictures Monica Strømdahl


Personality made with vintage, design & art


With a genuin interest for art, traveling, design, secondhand and vintage items

the owner of this Oslo apartment, journalist Elisabeth Hage, has created her personal style. 

The brown leather vintage chair has a impressing story! 

The walls are decorated with art by both Pushwagner and Tom Sandberg.

The small kitchen is perfectly planned!

Read the whole story written for the newspaper Aftenposten here.


afp000652193-2uXfFeps8VFoto Monica Strømdahl

Utnyttet plassen, fikk drømmehjemmet!!



På Lindern, i Oslo, bor en familie på seks.

I den gamle gården ville de bo.

Hele to omganger med heftig oppussing måtte til for å skape drømmehjemmet.

Hver centimeter av arealet er utnyttet.

Gjenbruk, kreativitet, design og smarte løsninger er stikkord.

Her kunne jeg ha bodd!!!

Reportasjen stod på trykk i Aftenposten og andre aviser rundtom i landet.

Fikk du med deg denne insprierende saken?

Hvis ikke trykk HER

God helg!!!


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Architecture and redesign up high!



A while ago I wrote this article, about a couple living in Sandnes, that discovered a small town in Norway called Rosendal, about 11 years ago. They fell in love with this charming place that lays by the Hardangerfjord. It didn`t take long before Irene and Dag found a perfect property with the most amazing view, and sold their home in Sandnes.

Irene drew a house that is environmentally friendly. Several interior solutions are made by Irenes husband, handyman and ceramic artist Dag. Creativity, natural materials, passion, design, supersmart solutions and redesign have giving the family a inspiring and personal home.

Read the article written in Aftenposten HERE


Foto: Silje Katrine Robinson



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