Pine walls in design home

20CopyrightAnnikenZahlFurunesTanja og Jarle Home3CopyrightAnnikenZahlFurunesTanja og Jarle Home_doc6m8zmb6msuuruuzso12  Pine. Hated but loved.

A beautiful and natural material. So healthy for our indoor climate! Unfortunately if becomes darker with time.

But you can wash it whiter. Or brighten it it other solutions.

This family in Trondheim loves pine. Their home is litteraly embraced with this warm norwegian wood. And furnished with vintage treasures and new scandinavian design.

Read more about it here in Bergens tidende!

Or in Aftenposten (Bolig section) tomorrow, Saturday 3 Sept!

Foto: Anniken Zahl Furunes Text: Me



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Longing for summer.


Longing for summer.

Warmer weather. Lighter days. Brighter light.

Never showed you this article I wrote!

The charming home of the talented norwegian designer Ragnhild Wik. Earlier one of Wik & Walsøe. Now on her own under the company name Wik Oslo!

Her style is sweet, rustic, vintage, natural and inspiring.

If you didn’t read it in Aftenposten, you can read it HERE

This place is like a dream!