Bathroom renovation

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In this series of “my house renovation” I am showing a new room every Monday.

It`s the main bathrooms turn.

When I bought the house the bathroom on the 2nd floor was from 1955. The small room that measured D80 x W180cm m and had no WC…that was on the 1st floor. It was outdated and unpractical. No heat cables in the floor, and the shower was under a diagonal ceiling. There was mold on the walls. It was screaming for renovation!

I needed a bigger bathroom and wanted daylight in the room.

The solution became taking part of the guest room behind the bathroom. A double row of frosted glass blocks in the shower gave enough daylight. Today the bathroom measures D240 x W180 + 60 cm.

Instead of the bedroom having room for a giant bed, I planned room for a custom made wall to wall  mattress, 120 cm wide. Will show you this guest room next week!

Also to make more space, I dug into one of the diagonal walls, low of hight, but perfect for a drawer & storage. Adding a D60 x W100 cm space.

The bathroom has a natural approach, details, colors and textures inspired by the beautiful surroundings in Rosendal: the Hardangerfjord, mountains and color of the Folgefonna glacier.

The planning took time. How much space did I need? How much could I use of the guestroom? Renovating an old house; what would I find when I started tearing down the old walls and floor? What type of shower? Faucet? Tiles? So many choices. So many possibilities!

All tiles are from Modena fliser// Shower walls and mirrors are all custom made by Ove Hillesland Glass// Porcelain sink and faucett from Korsbakken.// The old cabinet is original! Love those diamond-ish knobs!

Several walls are covered with tiles, some painted. The room has 4 different tiles! They all work together. Love it!


Top picture by Filippa Tredal. 


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