It`s a sin


Yum. Dangerously delicious.

And such a lovely sight!

Here is the best recipe for cardamom buns or Swedish cardamom rolls.

Tasted these for the first time at Fabrique in Stockholm, a stone oven bakery. A must visit!

PS: Use freshly crushed cardamom. That makes these sooooo much better!

Because you`re worth it! :-)


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Babysitting a Beagle


The last few weeks I´ve been taking care of this sweetheart.

A beagle. With a perfect light cognac color and SUPER soft ears. And such a great personality. To my surprise she turned 1 year during her stay in Rosendal. And that deserved a celebration!

Made a crown that spent 2 seconds on Tines head…and a liverwurst muffin that lasted 2 seconds too!

Well. Pets are cute. They are worth it.

SigneDSC_3862 DSC_3869 DSC_3850

Style your home before you sell!

vakker til visning01

Here is some advice if you are in the process of selling your home! A little effort is so worth it! It doesn`t have to cost a fortune! Think smart, use what you already have!

This article is in the latest Obos bladet. Photo bt Nadja Frantzen. Written by Heidi Røneid. Thanks for visiting ladies! Soon the article will be published here

If you need advice I`d be more than happy to consult you! Send me a mail.


The green floral wallpaper is Simi from Sanderson. The grey floral is Florentine from Borge. Both vinyl!

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