It`s my party

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It`s my party! Totally.


At last.




Thank you to all my friends and family for being who you are, and for making my celebration extra special.

A special thanks to Jannicke and Ingunn for giving me such a helping hand!

Love ya, Signe

All photoes by @Gulrik (instagram)

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My beautiful sisters. Yes, they are twins. 10489705_10154607004190024_6463102495256920557_n

Took the challenge. Walked the high line! The party was at the gym Condis in Thor Olsensgate, Fredensborg, Oslo. Pop by for a free tryout! Say hello from me!! 


Bitrhday tablesetting. Flowers and `boblen` vase from Finn Schjøll. Golden porcelain candellight holders designed by Ragnhild Wik for Wik & Walsøe. Palm wallpaper from Borge. Hair by Dugg Briskeby. 10251938_10154607001195024_8246651537851435839_n

 Apple cake by my mom and carrot cake with frosting by my sister Catherine. Thank you! 

1959352_10154607002820024_5209852637305183415_n-2Vintage pearl dress from Laurence Kazar, New York. Love it.  10411934_10154607002310024_2510380860678226114_n-2 10606494_10154607001870024_4802385505488720706_n-2 10702228_10154607001835024_7383928314621008584_n-2

Quiz going on. How good do you really know Signe :-) 

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Thank you for your touching speech Jannicke! 

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Happy birthday

DSC_6771 DSC_6769

DSC_6763 DSC_6781

40 years ago I entered this world.

Time flies so fast.

Celebrated with friends and family!

Here is a sneak peak…….

The chosen colors are pearl white, mint, green and some pink!

The vintage dress is from Laurence Kazar.

The cupcake lollypops and sweet signature paper bags are from my dear friend Jannicke.

Can`t wait to show you more pictures from the party….during this week!


DSC_6792 DSC_6783



My furry sweetheart.

Love at first sight.

Found on the internet, but faster than the speed of light, he found the way to my heart.

Finn Morris…because he was found on (craigs list).

I liked Morris. My friends liked Finn.

Therefore the name :-)

And the cats favorite chair, is my favorite too!



DSC_6589 DSC_6590 DSC_6585