Charming chair

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Old chairs.

Love ´em. The more there merrier.

My cat Finn Morris loves this chair just as much as I do. Found it years ago.

Love the patina and the history it shows.

The Queen Ingrid pelargonie is a cutting from the barony garden i Rosendal.

It`s growing beautiful and strong. Still blooming!

It has moved inside till spring.

Hope the perfect pink flowers last forever!

Have a sweet day Sunday!


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A home and artist with personality

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Christian Houge.

A Norwegian artist and photographer.

A man who has created his own style and atmosphere.

A man who is a creator, not a follower.

He tells stories, engages and inspires.

Read an article I wrote about him recently shown in Aftenposten Bolig and several other Norwegian newspapers.

 Press here

And have a lovely weekend!


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All pictures Monica Strømdahl