Boligkrise Episode 4




DSC_5608Kitchen corner after & before IMG_0055This episode of Boligkrise is another makeover. Budget smart and inspiring. Using what you have but mixing it with new items, painting and seeing possibilities.

The kitchen in this episode was so outdated, dark and craving. A double kitchen closet was removed to reveal the light from the small window in the corner, but also to give the kitchen more space. The closet was switched out with a open solution instead. A more modern approach. All the doors were sent away to be spray painted in two light shades grey, lightest on top, a shade darker beneath!

The giant table was replaced with a round table making the room more spacious and making it able to walk towards the window freely. The old wooden chairs were painted in a peachy color. The lamp over the table is perfect over the new round table.

In the corner I built a place to sit and relax, with a practical storage space underneath. The picture on the wall and pillows are a motive I took in the garden, thanx Allkopi!

The livingroom was over furnished with a gigantic red sofa and bookshelves packed with books. It was dark and crowded. And we really wanted to put in a balcony door leading to the garden. But we didn`t have time. So we blew up a large picture instead! All the walls were painted, and the room refurnished using old and new. The red sofa was switched out with a smaller and lighter sofa, to add color I placed a rusty red chair in the corner.

Hope you like it!



IMG_0066DSC_5599 DSC_5600Livingroom/ Diningroom before & afterIMG_0097IMG_0457Livingroom under after and beforeIMG_0104IMG_0448Outside the house before and afterIMG_0014 IMG_0279

606 The Arne Jakobsen Suite



This is amazing. This suite. I love the style. The colors. The atmosphere. I am a midcentury modern enthusiast.

The Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, back then SAS Royal Hotel, opened in 1960. It was the first skyscraper in Copenhagen. And the world’s first design hotel.

Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, designed the iconic hotel and everything in it: from the facade to the hotel bathrooms and from the cutlery used in the hotel restaurant to the now equally legendary furniture, such as the Egg, the Swan and the Drop chairs. The hotel has undergone several changes since, but room number 606, remains exactly as Jacobsen designed it in 1960. It´s amazing! So authentic!

This room is naturally not for rent for the night, but it is, of course very popular in fotoshoots… wonder!

For more info and pitcures check it out

I am present at 3 days of design getting to know danish design better, day 2 in front of me! Copenhagen I am ready! If you haven`t been to Copenhagen or this anual event, you should consider it! It`s growing every year!


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Boligkrise episode 4 Stavern

Boligkrise episode 4, in Stavern.

The house we visited this time was furnished heavily and seriously detailed. A approach that did not apply to the buyers. Obviously. They had been trying to sell for a long time. And the whole house smelt smoke! Not good. AT ALL!

In the process of selling you home your have to make it inspiring, spacious and light. Appealing to the potencial group of buyers.

I had a serious job in front of me this time!

I took out all the furniture! I wanted a delicate maritim look. Using light blues, wooden items, natural bast, rope and white painted furniture and ALOT of paint I set the style.And added wallpaper in the hall and livingroom, a pattern which gave me a feeling of sailing! And Stavern is so close to the sea. Did keep the rocking chair that was inherited and some paintings.

The kitchen was renovated! I removed a few cupboard doors and delivered the others to a company that spray painted them. The walls were painted and new furniture added. And the huge counter-bar solution that divided the room was removed, they never used it anyway! Instead I put in a regular table, a perfect place to have breakfast!

I really love the way it turned out. And the owner, not liking blue at all, had too admit she liked it in the end after all!

Check out the before and after pictures below!

Plants from Plantasjen, Furniture from Jysk, Lamps from Ikea, Wallpaper from Borge. 

Greyish blue paint kitchen Flügger 4473 //Greyish blue paint livingroom Flügger 4474


After diningroomIMG_2562Before diningroomIMG_2443After livingroom and earlier barIMG_2541Before livingroom and earlier barIMG_2434After couch areaIMG_2539Before couch areaIMG_2419After, a familie workspaceIMG_2546Before, the bar roomIMG_2423 2After kitchenIMG_2547Before kitchenIMG_2429 2IMG_2518_2IMG_2521_2IMG_2524 2