Teak before and after : GLOW

DSC_6386 DSC_6366

I have this piece of teak midcentury furniture. Love it, but it was in a bad condition.

Stains and scratches ruined it`s impression. I was uncertain if it could be renovated. But how could I know? Had never done it before! So I decided to try!

Thin layers of oil were rubbed on with a dry cloth. Excess oil was wiped off after 15 minutes. I let it dry for a day, and put another layer of oil on.

And I am amazed!! Totally!! Look at it now!!!

What a difference! GLOW!!!


DSC_6536  DSC_6377



Mornings like these

DSC_6518 DSC_6512

Old and new. Love the mixture.

It`s sunday morning and time for coffee.

My favorite danish porcelain. Nostalgia. Handpainted. Royal Copenhagen.

Flowers from the terrace fit perfect in my new glass vase.

The delicate pattern Saga Magnolia is simply beautiful.

The brass candleholder is from a flea marked…found once upon a time.

I seriously have to avoid fleamarkeds these days…can`t avoid buying anything…and my closets are packed!

I assume I´m not the only one???

Mornings like these….