God og glad påske!


Easter holiday!


I’m going north, to the island of Leka.

This is where I have my yellow house on an old farm!

A charming place I bought 5 years ago.

The days will be used to read, relax, be with my family, eat Kviklunsj and oranges. And enjoy hot coffee, kokemalt, made in a silver and shiny coffee pot!

What are you doing? Where are you going?

Good and happy Easter, I wish you all!

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Colorful and personal

11Copyright Anniken Zahl FurunesSigneHome

Looking back.

My homes. My style. My favorite things.

These pictures are from my last flat i Oslo.

The photographer Anniken Zahl Furunes, took these for the magazine Kamille.

The article was published several years ago.

Did you see it?

The interior is a total mix, just the way I like it!!

It`s mine. None else’s. I belive in personality.

A home should reflect the people who live there. Agree?

That`s how I furnish my home, and help others furnish their homes!

The chairs are from Montana. But I found the table at a barn sale (!)

The lamp is found in a container!!

The glass items and wooden stool are my favorites.

Found at various fleamarkets.

The stool is redesigned with a fantastic left-over yellow fabric.

It really does`t have to cost!

Have a lovely and colorful week!


9Copyright Anniken Zahl FurunesSigneHome

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