YOGA OKTOBER Rosendal- Valen- Sundal


Foto: Jorun Larsen


I oktober starter jeg opp med yoga for menn i oktober i Rosendal, på oppfordring! Det er gøy! Legger inn øvelser som gjør kroppen klar for skisesongen også. VI nærmer oss jo den sesongen! Yoga er ikke bare å sitte i lotus, tro meg muskler kommer god med. Samtidig jobber man på fleksibiliteten og pusten. 

Vil gjerne ha med så mange som mulig så dette yoga tilbudet kan vare utover! 

Prøver å jobbe aktivt for å nå ut med infoen! Bor du i området må du gjerne dele; henge opp på oppslagstavler, dele med venner eller sende ut på jobbmail! Ville vært super takknemlig for det! Slik ser måneden ut.

Ikke være redd for å prøve! Er du “stiv som en stokk” er den en meget god grunn for å prøve!

Håper vi ses!


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Rosendal by Signe webshop SALE


I love postcards and notebooks. And nature. So this spring I launch these products with motives from around Rosendal! Cards, notebook and poster.

I do love the magnificent nature around Rosendal, and a camera is always with me to document these moments. My surroundings are in constant change, right in front of my eyes. The light, the clouds, the sun, the wind, the colours.

It`s never the same.

Cards and notebook all have a inspirational quote on the backside.

The cards have plenty of space for you to write! But these are beautiful to frame to!

The cards are sold in a package of all of the three different motives.

Hope you like it!

Check out my webshop Rosendal by Signe. If you live in the area around Rosendal contact me and pick up the products yourself to avoid extra expenses 🙂

Have a lovely day! Signe

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Yoga workshop


Join my 3 day yoga work shop on the island Leka 30/9- 2/10.

A perfect place to get away, focus, explore amazing nature, breath in fresh air and maybe take i dip in the sea.

The workshop is held at Leka brygge, they also have rooms for rent. Bring a friend. Share a room!

Learn more about yoga and asanas. Yoga is so much more than just postures.

More info 3 days of yoga


Bathroom renovation

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In this series of “my house renovation” I am showing a new room every Monday.

It`s the main bathrooms turn.

When I bought the house the bathroom on the 2nd floor was from 1955. The small room that measured D80 x W180cm m and had no WC…that was on the 1st floor. It was outdated and unpractical. No heat cables in the floor, and the shower was under a diagonal ceiling. There was mold on the walls. It was screaming for renovation!

I needed a bigger bathroom and wanted daylight in the room.

The solution became taking part of the guest room behind the bathroom. A double row of frosted glass blocks in the shower gave enough daylight. Today the bathroom measures D240 x W180 + 60 cm.

Instead of the bedroom having room for a giant bed, I planned room for a custom made wall to wall  mattress, 120 cm wide. Will show you this guest room next week!

Also to make more space, I dug into one of the diagonal walls, low of hight, but perfect for a drawer & storage. Adding a D60 x W100 cm space.

The bathroom has a natural approach, details, colors and textures inspired by the beautiful surroundings in Rosendal: the Hardangerfjord, mountains and color of the Folgefonna glacier.

The planning took time. How much space did I need? How much could I use of the guestroom? Renovating an old house; what would I find when I started tearing down the old walls and floor? What type of shower? Faucet? Tiles? So many choices. So many possibilities!

All tiles are from Modena fliser// Shower walls and mirrors are all custom made by Ove Hillesland Glass// Porcelain sink and faucett from Korsbakken.// The old cabinet is original! Love those diamond-ish knobs!

Several walls are covered with tiles, some painted. The room has 4 different tiles! They all work together. Love it!


Top picture by Filippa Tredal. 


dsc_9301 dsc_9320 dsc_9321_dsc0113dsc_1997-3Guestroom nextdoorimg_4745dsc_3653