White Christmas

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I`m dreaming of a white Christmas.

While waiting for snow I´m enjoying this beautiful white flower.

Tomorrow I`m off to Rosendal where I`ll be celebrating Christmas.

Can`t wait to decorate the Christmas tree!

Hope you all are having a good holiday season!

Christmas countdown!


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Flowers and scented candle -Mester Grønn/// Poster-Paperme; Hilde Mork// Brass candle holders & teak objects -secondhand/ Fretex

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Slow floral Monday morning


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A kind of meditation…Making flowers mandalas.

A botanical rush!

Taking time doing sort of nothing, but still making something beautiful.

It`s super important these busy days before Christmas.

Take your time.

Be. Breath.

Slow down.

And what beats the beautiful dark red color of an amaryllis?



Soft Sunday morning


Sweet pastels surround me this Sunday morning.

The dusty matte mint on the wall.

A old wooden chair.

An amazing amaryllis in full bloom.

It`s so beautiful.

The pink. The gentle green. The shape. It`s size.

I`m speechless.

The print on the wall makes me speechless too!

Blurry lights and four four-letter words make an amazing motive.

By Hilde Mork, from her NUDE print collection.

It`s still morning. I`ll light my advent candles a little later….

Have a sweet sunday. All!


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Flowers-Mester Grønn.// Norgesglass-Fretex// Old wooden-Finn.no// Print -Hilde Mork


Christmas gift wrapping


Might as well get it done.

Christmas gift wrapping 2014!

Going for a natural look this year.

Homemade paper tags and letter stamps printing GOD JUL/ Merry Christmas adds a perfect, but imperfect touch.

Find all the green elements and pinecones outside. For free!

The brown paper and tags are bought at a local bookstore.

The stamps are from a props sale at Lotta Agaton in Stockholm!

I´d love to receive a gift that looked like this!


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