Sunday morning tea & tulips


It`s a slow Sunday morning. It´s teatime.

A perfect oolong in my favorite cup.

And tulips in full bloom. Simply beautiful.

Found the old teapot from Porsgrund Porselen recently, paid 20 NOK for it.

Seen it before? Even the mark beneath is old.

I like it. I like it a lot!

Wish you all a sweet Sunday!



Flowers -Mester Grønn// Vase -Rosendahl// Cup -Royal Copenhagen

DSC_0410 DSC_0422 DSC_0425 DSC_0426 DSC_0428

Wallpaper wow

Cole & Son - Folie - Fontainebleau 99-12051-1

Spent yesterday and today at the the Borge As office.

My mission: Inspire Borges customers, staff and sellers. The press and stylists.

Talked about how I use wallpaper, how I used wallpaper in the tv program Boligkrise, soon on TvNorge. And talked about color contrasts and combinations.

I think we should be more brave! Dare a little bit MORE!

Put wallpaper on several walls, not just one!

I also showed how efficient it is to use wallpaper when making shop windows and other areas perfect meant for decoration!

How wallpaper itself doesn’t necessary make a beautiful interior. The details seriously count! The details make the final product!

A few of my favorite combinations, all from Cole & Son/ Borge

Do you like color?



Pinks: Fontainebleau & …so new I don’t have it`s name, but from the Chroma collection…

Cole & Son - Folie - Fontainebleau 99-12051-1

Cole & Son - Folie - Parterre 99-2007

Blues: Parterre & Piccadilly

piccadilly 94-8044

Ct-Brix (ArabesqueMC)  -  calibrator

Greens: Strawberry tree & Stone trellis

Cole and Son Archive Anthology Strawberry Tree 100-10048-1

Boligkrise Tv Norge- Soon!


The release of the new tv show I ´m in is near.

The name is Boligkrise, and will be sent on Tv Norge.

Can`t wait!

The concept is helping out people that have trouble selling their homes!

We renovated 10 homes!

No one of them looked the same after they were styled! Promise!:-)

Have they sold? When does Boligkrise start?

Can`t tell you!

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